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I am that mom who thinks that every little moment is photoworthy, so my poor little man has had a camera in his face since his first breath.  One really fantastic benefit has been all of the great facial expressions of his that I've captured over the years.  My sweet little boy is an open book, always wearing his heart on his sleeve.  Here are some of my favorites from the past year...I literally chuckle out loud every time I see these.  Hope you enjoy them, too!

 On the tramway to the top of Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, NM,
about a 1,000ft off the ground.
My sweet baby.
Jason wasn't too fond of the height either. 

Never one to hide from the lens, he was striking a pose.
I wanted a smiley pic of the two of us. 
There are four more just like this, and he has some ridiculous "vogue" face in each one.


He had just dug up a worm, and I told him to smell it.  I think
he and I have the same opinion of that particular aroma.

Out of the blue one day, Wyatt started what he calls his "funny dance." 
Imagine him making this exact face, clenching his fists and pumping his arms
up and down, all while keeping the rest of his body very rigid.
It is creepy, to say the least, but makes us laugh out loud every time.

This was my very first day with my Rebel, and I was playing around with it. 
I really wanted to take a few sweet portraits of him, and this is what he gave me.
I did manage to get one or two in between his silly faces.

He has been trying to learn to cross his eyes lately (a skill that all boys should master
at some point, right?), but only manages to make the "weird" face from above. 
Playing in the fountain, he managed to cross them really well. 
He is very proud of this picture, and it's hanging amidst the cars in his room.

Crazy as I am, I wanted photographic evidence of this adorable child dressed
up as Captain Kirk (or as we dubbed him, Captain Quirk) for Halloween.
Well, as you can see, none of this was in his contract and he needed to discuss
the photo op with his agent before he'd cooperate.
He agreed once we added peanut M&Ms to his dressing room rider.

I think that Jason and I were so pumped up about Christmas this year, that we made too
big of a production out of opening gifts that morning.  The poor kid had no more than
stumbled out of bed and we were overjoyously prompting him to "open this, open that!"
He just about lost it.
We took a break to eat some breakfast, then Jason and I exchanged our gifts to one another.
We barely had time to inspect our new goodies when Wyatt started ripping into his.
Nice save.


  1. He really does have the best facial expressions!

  2. I am laughing OUT LOUD in the middle of LoneStar! Love it!

  3. Love those pictures! Wyatt is a riot! I want to see that "funny dance"

  4. Kendall, doesn't he?
    Kim, glad I could provide the dinner entertainment.
    Piper, it will change you forever.


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