It's Habitual

Before my son, Wyatt, was born, I rarely took any photographs of anything.  If my husband and I took a vacation, I would buy one of those disposable 35mm cameras before the trip and I'd be lucky to use all of the film.  Here I am, four years after becoming a mother, and photography is now an obsession.  Understandably, I have far too many pictures of this poor creature...that's what he gets for being so photogenic and having red hair.  Up until about 4 months ago, I managed pretty well with a great little digital point and shoot, but I'm movin' on up, as they say, and in October I treated myself to a major splurge:  a Canon Rebel.  I've been venturing out of auto mode more and more, and every day I learn something new.  My view of the world has been transformed by this wonderful gadget, and I find myself forever framing great shots in my mind everywhere I go.  I'm starting this blog as an outlet...why take so many photos if you can't share them with the world?

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  1. I'm waaay past the child-rearing age, but your story about Wyatt's crib brought a memory to the front. I had 3 darlings in 3 years. So each toddler was replaced by the next babe. Until, my daughter, #3. She stayed in her crib longer than Wyatt! As you say...
    Love Wyatt's room!


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