Every six months or so, I have to remind myself that money ain't free.  I consign kids and baby clothes and toys in the semi-annual Just Between Friends sale in Tulsa, and though I love getting the check at the end of the event for all of my sold goods, prepping for the sale is another story altogether.  My mom and I shop garage sales and bargain-basement sales at Target, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, and KMart between sales and end up investing about $200 into items to sell.  I guess that this time around we found some extraordinary bargains, because I've never had this much stuff to prep.  I wish I'd had the forethought to take a before photo of all of the bags of clothes that were piled in the corner of my bedroom this morning after dragging them out of the attic, but alas, it occured to me after I'd already sorted all of the clothes by size and gender.  Here's a look at what I'm dealing with this time:

There are two rows of clothing, stacked pretty deep, from the headboard to footboard of my bed.  After hanging them and pinning them onto wire hangers, my thumbs and index fingers are now bruised and bloodied from being used as thimbles and pincushions for the close to 500 safety pins. 
There are bags of toys, accessories, decorations, sippy cups, etc.  There is a mountain of shoes.

My thumb hurts, and I just finished getting all of the clothing hung...after FOUR HOURS of non-stop hanging and pinning.  Tomorrow, I tackle the task of entering the size and description of each item into the tagging database, printing off tags, pinning the tags onto the items (I am super excited about that step), and taping tags onto the toys and accessories.  Then, on Wednesday, I've gotta cram it all into my car somehow and drive without the use of my rearview mirror or visibility out of any of my windows to the fairgrounds.  Then, I have to stand in line for an eternity to check in and have my items inspected.  Then, I have to place everything onto the salesfloor in the appropriate places.  Finally, I get to drive home and collapse. 
If you're asking yourself whether I complain like this every time, I do.  The only reason I keep doing it is the unbelieveable return on my investment of time.  I just wish they paid me ahead of time.


  1. Being single and eons older than you, I just put things in a bag till it's full. Then I drive to St. Vincent de Paul and let them do what you do. I don't make any money, but I am contributing to charity. Either way, neither of us are contributing to landfills. And that's a good thing, right?

  2. Well...I kind of do this to myself. If Mom and I didn't buy anything to sell, I'd only have a bag full of Wyatt's outgrown clothes and a few toys. I typically give his stuff away just because he isn't clean or careful enough with his things to keep them in sellable condition.


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