Project 64: Apricot

My incredible friend, Kendall, introduced me to Project 64 Colors awhile back:  it's a photography blog project in which participants submit a photo each week that captures a particular color chosen at random from a box of 64 crayolas.  At the very least, you should check out the blog, but I highly encourage you to join in on the fun!  No fancy camera is needed; your iphone will suffice! 

Heres a link to Kendall's blog, and to P64, respectively:

Since joining the blog, I've come down with a mental illness.  I am constantly on the hunt for the color of the week.  I start rationalizing things like, "is that apricot, or more of a peach? Or terra cotta?"  I shudder at the thought of leaving the house without my Canon Rebel for fear of missing a perfect photo opportunity.  I wonder if my photographs are even worthy of submitting.  I worry that my posed photographs of subjects look too contrived.  Sigh.  Why do I do this to myself? 

As I was discussing with my other super-cool friend, Kim (whose blog can be found at mykidsarefreaks.blogspot.com), I now have a quandry on my hands.  I had all but given up on finding an apricot subject in a natural setting, so I decided to find an object in my home and try to capture it artistically on "film."  I chose one of my favorite little knick-knacks:  a Frankoma GOP elephant mug from my birth year of 1980.  The cheery little guy seemed to smile even wider at his chance for 15 minutes of fame.  I played around with my camera's modes and finally got a couple of great shots; I picked my favorite and was totally ready for the link to upload it on Sunday.  Here are a few of the pics, and my fave:
Isn't he cute?
Such a proud little guy!

My Favorite

Not too shabby, and when I compare my jubilant pachyderm friend to the apricot crayon, the color is spot on.  So, what's my problem?  Yesterday, while outside with Wyatt, I stumbled across this scene:

Utterly simple, dead-on apricot.  Sheesh, now I have a choice to make.  Stick with my long-nosed buddy who worked just as hard as I did to achieve an artistic rendition of himself, or go with my accidental find, which has such an organic feel to it. 
Participants of P64 may upload more than one photo of the color of the week, so that's not my problem.  I just have to choose which to officially submit for the weekly contest.  I'm leaning towards the pots over my mug.  I think I'll make it up to the little guy by enjoying a cup of joe from him later.


  1. Which photo to submit? I've wrestled with that too. I personally like the pachyderm, but maybe I'm feeling the need for his smile. :)

  2. I LOVE the elephant! Great photos. Thanks for mentioning me.

  3. You've both changed my mind. I'm going to be loyal to the little guy and choose him over the silly pots. What was I thinking!?

  4. I like you pachyderm too! Both are great finds! I like that the project has made you want to carry your camera always, I never leave my house with out mine! You are doing great!

  5. I like them both, but I love the atmosphere of the pots and the great light.
    Nicely done!

    Carletta@Round The Bend

  6. haha I have the same mental illness! fun elephant shot, and yes it's great for apricot lol!

  7. Carletta, I am with you...I am an all-natural-light kind of girl. Getting the hang of ambient light indoors is really kicking my tail!


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