Project 64: Indigo

Before this week, I never would have imagined that finding something in the color indigo would be a challenge at all.  Blue is my favorite color, so I notice various shades all over the place in random objects, and I imagined that indigo would be a breeze.  Well, all week long I've been tirelessly searching to no avail.  I had all but given up, almost surrendering to the thought of not posting a photo for P64 this week, when a walk with my husband and son through a friend's pasture led me to a wonderful indigo scene. 

Old stable doors once glided to and fro on these casters...and they're a beautiful indigo blue!

Lucky me, Wyatt found some sun-bleached bones to take home as souvenirs from our walk.

My fellas, checking out the scenery.


  1. Thank you, Piper. I saw these from across a field...the sun was hitting them just right to really show off that blue. I ran as fast as I could over there, hopping over cow patties, to verify that they were indeed indigo.

  2. I'd have to find a use for them someplace. Super example of indigo!

  3. I agree, those would be great repurposed somewhere, what a fun find! Thanks for linking up withm p64

  4. I really like this shot - so unique!

  5. Interesting subject for Indigo...nice shots of your boys as well.

  6. I love stumbling on a fun find. It's great having you at Project64


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