Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Mondays are my cleaning days.  Oh, who am I kidding, every day is a cleaning day for me, but I typically do a really thorough job on Mondays.  While making my way through the house, I see sweet little reminders all over my home that a precious little boy shares my space.  Today I decided to document some of the tell-tale signs of boyhood that are sprinkled throughout my home.

All sorts of cuddly, sickly-sweet creatures fill every nook and cranny of his room and the playroom.

There are more rocks inside my home than outside.  Most of these are from a neighbor's landscaping. (shhhhhh, don't tell!)

The toilet seat is perpetually in the upright position.  At first, I thought this was an annoyance, but eventually I realized that the larger target area is well worth the seat-lowering requirement.

Dirty little shoes in various levels of distress are littered all over my entry area.  Some are peek-a-boo toes...but they didn't come that way.

Along with petrified crumbs from every meal we eat, a variety of die-cast metal vehicles is scattered underneath my kitchen table at all times.  And everywhere else, for that matter.  Walk barefooted at your own risk.

It would behoove certain 6-legged creatures to stay out of sight in our house...otherwise, they will be caught, put into a plastic bag, and placed on display for all to see.  I'm learning a lot about the life span of bugs...apparently, for red-headed ash borers, it's more than 2 days.

Wouldn't trade any of this for anything.  Love my little buddy.


  1. Aw! And I love this post. Love it, I tell ya! It reminds me of my house... only you're messes are clean messes. You must tell me your secrets. Even the bug in the bag is neatly displayed.

  2. And I totally agree with the toilet seat arrangement.


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