A Snowy Wonderland

 Sweet little toes
 Our little friends at the pond, freezing their feathers off
 Frost + Snow = OooOOoOOooo

My little eskimo

A snowboy with his snowman

Eighteen inches of snow isn't going to keep us in the house!  Over the past few days, the boy and I have spent hours outside exploring the frozen world.  We have meandered all over creation trying to find the bunny who left a trail everywhere he went, and we've delighted in the spunky little critter's knack for finding the deepest snow to hop upon.  We treated our mallard friends to some goldfish crackers and Grape Nuts (alas, we have no bread, and neither does Wal-Mart!).  We built a pristine snowman in the front yard...the snow is so deep that we never got down to the grass!  Our rule of thumb these days:  stay out until you can't feel your toes, go inside, thaw out, then repeat.

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  1. Love it! I am so glad that you are blogging. I enjoy your pics and stories so much. <3


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