Things that go "Vroom"

One of my favorite photo projects of late has been Wyatt's Big Boy room.  We finally got rid of the crib late this fall...I know, he was far past the point of being able to get out of the crib, and he is so tall that his head and toes could touch each end if he stretched out, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?  Anyhoo, the boy is beyond obsessed with cars.  He can name nearly all of his hotwheels by make and model...and he has about 500 of them!  So when it came time to decorate his room, I knew it would be a car theme, but all I could really find were cartoonish cars and very juvenile designs.  I envisioned a muscle car theme, a design that would stand the test of time and not require another total redo in a few years.  I found some replicas of muscle car tin advertisement signs at the fair, and decided to just go for it.  One morning while driving through town, I noticed tons of classic cars at a local car lot, and I just happened to have my camera, so I stopped and got the above shots.  I added more pictures to my collection over the next few weeks when I ran into great emblems or rally wheels while out and about.  Before I knew it, I had enough pictures to create a racing stripe of photo frames around two of the walls in Wyatt's room, combined with the tin signs and some of my favorite pictures of Wyatt.  I used a few pictures from calendars, but the vast majority of the images are my own.  Wyatt is so proud of his room; it fits his personality so well!  I cannot go into his room without a huge smile on my face, and neither can he!


  1. The first one is my favorite! My son love's cars too, currently we have something cartoonish right now, but I would love to do his in vintage cars. Thanks for linking up with project64!

  2. Excellent border! I love the first photo followed closely by the Cadillac mirror, the water droplets on that add such a nice element...

  3. Thank you, both! Brooke, you should go for it! I'm thinking that the only thing I'll have to change in that room as he grows will be the photos of him and the bed linens.
    Jenletts, I am very proud of the speedometer pic! And I just about fell in love with that Caddy...wanted to take it home! I had to quit taking pictures that morning because it was sprinkling on and off, and I was freaking out that my camera was getting wet.
    Fun times!

  4. oh my gosh you did a fantastic job!! Seriously, this would take me forever to do!!! I really love the feel of it over his head in the picture! IT adds so much character to his room and then you can always change out the pictures as he grows which is awesome!! I loved your tips that you left in the comment so thank you very very much!! Well done friend!


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