A Cow Named Table

Every day has its moments, but today was chock full of interesting experiences for the boy and I.  We spent time at a good friend's house, and though we've been there countless times, it's a rare occasion that we venture past their backyard onto their cattle ranch.  Our playdate started out with a haircut for my shaggy son; then he ate a lemon, rind and all, without so much as squinting.  I'm just as horrified as you are.

While playing in the playroom, we were visited by my friend's father-in-law who was worried about a heifer about to birth a calf.  Without any hesitation at all, the two of us girls tossed the three kids into the Expedition and made the muddy trek out to the pasture...this involved crossing a creek and a lumpy, bumpy expanse full of cow patties.  By the time we arrived, "the Lord took care of it," as reported by my friend's father-in-law, and the mommy and her calf were tucked so far into the thorny brush that we could barely make out their shapes.

Since we were already committed to this adventure, we drove around and greeted all of the bovine ladies and their mister.

Here's a sweet momma and her calf...it was lunch time.

Here's the big guy responsible for the current population boom on the ranch.  At all times, he was surrounded by his harem.

A cute little punkin' of a baby cow.  
This particular heifer's name is Table.  Formerly known as Cable.  Named by a 4 year-old girl with a prerogative for changing her mind without warning.
There were all kinds of cows of all colors and sizes, all grazing grass and chewing cud.  One thing they all had in common:
 They weren't impressed by the two preschoolers popping out of the sunroof.   


  1. LOVE IT! I think cows are pretty (I think they think they are too). I love the pic of mama and baby.

  2. I'm a sucker for all farm animals. Not really sure what that's all about, but baby farm animals are the end-all-be-all of cuteness. You're right about cows thinking they're pretty awesome.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my 'California Happy Cows' post. Isn't it funny how cows actually look at you when you take pictures of them!

  4. I still can't get over him eating an entire lemon!


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