Ingenuity Saves the Day

Very soon, the ultimate photo op will present itself in our family:  we're getting the boy his first dog.  I know.....I am totally pumped, too!  Before that blessed day can come, however, we need a fence.  Personally, I've desperately wanted a fence since the day we moved in.  Even at 7 months old, I could tell that I was going to need to imprison, uh, I mean corral this child when out of doors.

Well, as with everything else nowadays, building a fence is expensive, hence the four year wait.  One of those hidden costs to fence-building is having a surveyor come out and mark the corners of your property; it averages between $200-500 to get this done.  A friend in the neighborhood told us that all of the lots are marked with rebar pins at each corner, buried just under the surface.  This got my good-lookin' hubby to thinking:  why couldn't we just find them ourselves?

Idea 1:  Use a metal detector to locate pins. 
Seems simple enough, right?  Well, after locating two different metal detectors from a family member and a friend, only to have neither of them work properly or well enough to sniff out the pins, we gave up on that one.  Plus, the show we put on for the neighbors by walking around scouring the ground with the things was a little awkward.

Idea 2:  Use the abstract of our property to make an estimated guess as to where those pins are, and use a shovel to dig them up.
Who knew that a little measuring tape plus some good guessing would work?  My hubby, that's who.

Here are my two loves, celebrating the discovery of pin number two!

Not exactly a needle in a haystack, but well-hidden, that's for sure!

His desire to be right in the middle of what we're doing paid off for him, as usual, with the acquisition of a big, fat grub.  Think he's excited, or what?

I know this photo's color is all wonky...the sun going through that pail gave my camera fits...but here is the new thing that mean ol' Mommy won't let Wyatt bring into the house.  
He can join the rest of the club in the bug house on our back porch.

There's really nothing more satisfying than knowing that you just saved yourselves hundreds of dollars.  Nothing, maybe, except using the found money to buy a great pair of boots?  A sweet friend has an amazing pair of Frye boots that are stunning, especially when you consider she wears them while wrangling pigs, and I would love to have a similar pair.  Don't believe me about the pigs?  Check out her blog, The Barefoot Indian (don't be confused...she does wear shoes from time to time, and when she does, she doesn't mess around!).

Alas, snap back to reality:  the hubby doesn't look at our jackpot as found money, to him, it's saved money, which I guess is a good thing, too.


  1. Great pictures and good job husband! That's awesome!

  2. Love it! I especially love the picture of Wyatt scrunching up his nose.

  3. He's all boy isn't he! Love it!


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