Kids and Animals

I believe it was W.C. Fields who said, "never work with children or animals," but I have found both to be the easiest subjects in my photography.  Call me crazy, but nothing is more satisfactory than catching a smile from the shyest of toddlers or capturing the uncanny wisdom of a good old dog.  Don't get me wrong, I love to photograph flowers and other still life, but I like the added challenge of a moving target.

Today the boy and I went to a friend's house for a leisurely playdate.  Because no day would be complete if I didn't snap 80-something pictures....and because I was conveniently surrounded by tiny people and animals....I gave my shutter a workout. 

It was SO WINDY, and sweet little Kaelyn held onto Momma so she wouldn't blow away.
 The twins in a very The Shining moment.  Lauren can stare you down.
Precious babies.
 This one is for Kim.  I made our entire playgroup schlep across a pasture just to photograph the hay in this former donkey stable.  It was so sunny, this is really the only shot I got that I was happy with.
 Don't panic...it's dead.  You should know that Wyatt screamed like a ninny and literally climbed me like a tree when he first saw this, but once I showed him it was dead and harmless, he demanded to hold it.  He hasn't put it down since...it's been 4 hours.
 A pretty white horse.... 
...who's been visited by the same braid-fairy as Piper's horse.
 The ever-present Diesel.  He is the epitomy of a good dog.
 Sean, having a blast on the swingset.
 I think this may be my favorite photo of the day.  Lauren, up front, is out of focus a bit, and you can see Kaelyn in the background...both of them smiling so big.  Great kids.
 In sync.  Not to be confused with N'Sync.


  1. Love this! We're so glad you guys came over! Thanks for the great pictures!

    Oh, and I totally like how it looks like I live on a farm!

  2. Kim, in the best David Spade voice I can muster...."you kiiiiinda do."

  3. When I read your post title, immediately I thought of that quote, had forgotten who'd said it! Thanks for the reminder. You just can't beat the combination of kids and animals. I had both in my 1st grade classroom. :) Miss them all.

  4. Love the candid shots!
    That horse is straight out of a fairy tale. :)
    Just a wonderful set of images.

    Have a great day!


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