A Lazy Kind of Day

Considering that yesterday's temperatures climbed into the 80's, today is a bit chilly and it seems like a storm is looming.  The air is so damp that you almost feel like you're swimming through it to get from point A to point B.  Did any of this keep us indoors?...not a chance.  We awoke early and noticed that a good friend, who also happens to live right behind us, had rented a jupiter jump.  Trying to convince Wyatt that it was rude to call and ask if we could join in on the fun proved to be impossible, so minutes later, he was bouncing.  Luckily, Rebekah is super understanding, and she loves Wyatt almost as much as I do.

The lighting was atrocious...it is super cloudy, plus the jumperoo glows orange on the inside from what little sunshine there is, so I was forced to play around with color and texture. 
I actually like the results!

All of this jumping worked out for me...I am linking up to Theme Thursday and this week's theme is Jump!  You can learn more about Theme Thursday, or link up your photo, by clicking here.

After jumping, the big boys played catch.  Wyatt watched from the sidelines, and I ended up holding half of what he begged to bring out of our house...all of which he swore I would not end up holding.

 Mrs. Bekah's pretty potted flowers...they weren't convinced by the puny sunshine to open up today.
Wyatt, showing Mrs. Bekah his new starfish that he scored at the zoo yesterday.  He loves her so much, and I tell her often that she is the only person who could kidnap him and get away with it:  he'd never turn her in, and when given the choice between the two of us, the authorities would take one look at their red heads and assume they belong to one another.

Before too long, the wind started picking up, and the skies started getting gloomier, so I asked if the boy wanted to go play board games with me.  I'm guessing this was a "yes?"

Remember Colorform?  I found this Funny Faces game at TJ Maxx for $3, but the laughs we've had playing the game have been priceless!
 Adding ears to his silly face.
 Okay, one ear.  My favorite thing about Wyatt:  he thinks outside the box.  I love how he upturned the toupee on the dude at left, and gave the second guy a frowny face....
 ...but he always gives himself a smile!
 This is that obligatory newborn photograph that I failed to capture when Wy was tiny.  I never got the shot primarily because I was too cheap to hire a photographer, and at the time, I only had a camcorder that took still photographs.  The quality was decent, but couldn't produce much detail.
It's never too late, right?  These little feet have walked miles beside me, and I cherish every single piggie!


  1. Hi! Sorry about the deleted comment. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for entering into Theme Thursday! I love your photo! What a great end to the post too..the cute little toes!

  2. I really like the tone of the first image.
    Oh to have all that energy! He looks like he's having so much fun.
    Love the 'game' face! :)
    I don't think it's ever too late to do the little feet shot. In fact I'd like to do my granddaughters each year on their birthday and hands too. I've sat here and the more I thought the more a hands album ending with their bride and groom hands shot years from now would be such a lovely wedding gift. ....sigh....
    Your photo the starting point for a great idea -

  3. I love Ms. Rebekah too. Looks like a fun day to me!

  4. Carletta, that's a really sweet idea. I thought it would be fun to do a similar photo project: our hands from our wedding day next to a picture of his tiny hand in ours. I forgot to take that picture, too. Sigh...it'll just have to be someone else's reality.

  5. I never got the cute baby pics either... for the same reason. I'm making up for missed pictures from here on out! Cute board game!

  6. Looks like such a fun day! Thanks for linking up to theme thursday! Can't wait to see what you have for us in the future!


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