Project 64: Plum

I am absolutely delighted by this week's color!  At first, not so much, as the aforementioned lack of anything pink or purple in my house makes the more feminine colors an added challenge for me.  But, as I sat at my computer and logged onto the P64 blog for the plum color reveal, what to my surprise was pummelled at my face by my precocious preschooler?...a PLUM urchin ball.  Thanks, pal.

Here's my SOOC (straight out of camera) shot.  I used copy paper as a backdrop and placed the setup in my reading area at my front window.  I had a little trouble capturing the exact color...it's actually a touch deeper in person...but I played around quite a bit with the white balance until I got this shot.

Here's the final product after cropping and slightly adjusting the contrast and saturation.  Still not spot-on color wise, but I love the texture!

I still have a lot of doubt about the color...in person, this urchin ball is an identical match to the crayon on paper.  So, I took it outside today to get a better shot.  I even had an assistant.  Here' the result:

Better, but I am still not satisfied.  Close, but no cigar. 
On the way back into my house this afternoon, I noticed that I do have an alternative: I used fingernail polish to differentiate my front door key from the almost identical back door key, and it is a perfect plum.  What do you think?


  1. I love the texture of these! Whenever I see them in displays, I must pick them up and feel!

  2. Cool pic of the urchin ball with white backdrop! I think you're right about the key.

  3. I love urchin balls! They are so much fun. And I really like the one you cropped. It could almost pass as a spider mum!

  4. I'm so out of the loop...urchin balls. Makes a cool subject, but I agree the marked key a better match.

  5. I think you got close to matching the color with the ball in the last shot, especially in the darker areas, but the key is definetely closer. Thanks for playing at p64

  6. I noticed as Brooke did that the inside of the ball is plum, the key in my mind is a perfect plum.

    Carletta@Round The Bend


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