Project 64: White

Oh, how I love the color white.  It represents purity, cleanliness, a fresh start.  When I joined Project 64, I eagerly anticipated its selection from amongst its rainbow of boxmates.  That said, I had no plan for exactly what I would choose to photograph, and I've happily found inspiration in several places this week.  Now the only challenge will be selecting which of my photos to submit as my official entry.

On the very first day of looking, Wyatt and I had spent a few hours outside on a nature walk.  We sat on a grassy little spot to rest and he gathered sticks as I basked in the warm sun.  Of the dozens of twigs he bundled together, one was a bright white sample of a birch tree.  I love the contrast against the green, sprouting grass and brown earth and twigs.

On the second day (how I wish I could say sixth), I found myself admiring one of my favorite art pieces in my home, which lives on my mantel:  a cultured marble sculpture of God reaching out to His beloved creation, Adam. 

This is my favorite of all of my "white" photos.  It kind of counts as white-on-white since all of the cherubim and the Lord are all composed of the most pristine white carrara marble. 

I like the perspective in this one.  I tried to get Adam's point of view, since his is the same as ours.  I'm slowly getting the hang of this bokeh-thing...I tried to just focus on their hands and lightly blur out the rest.

And, because I am a good little conformist, I tried to be artful and recreate the feel of the photos submitted by Brooke, Kendall, and Jeana thus far.  I didn't have any posterboard or foam board handy, so I got resourceful and used the jacuzzi bathtub for the first time in ages, albeit not in the way it was intended to be used.  The giant window above the tub lets in oodles of natural light, so it worked nicely.

I found a pair of candlesticks, one of the two pictured here, at a local resale shop that Wyatt lovingly refers to as "the garage sale store" for only fifty cents!  I love the reflections off of the curves and bends.


  1. Super idea for the background of the candlestick. I have no windows in either of my bathrooms. So, I may borrow your idea and see how it works with no natural light; I bet not as well.
    I especially like the tiny reflection on the tub's bottom.

  2. I love your shots and I love seeing you try different perpective and new things. Using the tub for a background is super creative, nice work!

  3. What a lovely piece to own. Gorgeous.
    Love the one from Adams perspective.
    Love your creative captures for white.

  4. I followed you here from P64. Beautiful shots...LOVE Adam's perspective! Very creative!

  5. Never thought of using the tub but then I'd have to clean it first! :)

  6. Seeing your birch stem made me wish I had had a tree to photograph.
    I like the one you chose to enter. Nice focus.
    Your artistic shot of the candlestick is very artistic!
    Carletta@Round The Bend

  7. I love it! And I must know where the Garage Sale Store is!

  8. really nice shots of the artwork!

  9. Thank you, everyone!
    Kendall, the garage sale store is SEAC...it's just down the way from SparksFly! It's really hit and miss, but I've found some really cool stuff in there from time to time, and they're always really cheap. I don't think I've ever seen anything priced over a dollar.

  10. I really like your sculpture and your thought process behind the perspectives. Nicely done.


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