A Walk to Remember

I know this is a common theme of my writings, but I love being the mother of a little boy.  I grew up out in the country and spent much of my time overturning rocks, looking for snakes and turtles, climbling trees, and swimming in random bodies of water.  Now that the weather is starting to cooperate, the boy and I have taken daily walks through the neighborhood, exploring and collecting bits of nature as we go.  Today we were blessed with the company of one of Wyatt's good friends.

The boys, eager to begin our journey

A hollowed out tree.

A wasp's nest...luckily, a long-since abandoned one.

Oodles of pecans.  Too bad these are all dried up and wormy...there were thousands of them in a very small stretch of ground.  I love pecans.

Great buddies

Adding another face to his repertoire.

Taking a break to look for shapes in the clouds.  The pitter patter of tiny sprinkles made it hard to keep their eyes open!

Apparently, they have no qualms about what may be lurking at the bottom of those mysterious little burrows all around the pond dam.  Thankfully, no crawdaddies greeted them with a handshake today.

What would a walk around the pond be without chunking a few rocks into the water?

The two of them definitely created some ripples today.

And I enjoyed every second of it.


  1. Great pics of the boys! I love nature walks. We walk around our yard a lot!

  2. Splashingly good shot! Enjoying the company of your son and his friend and opportunities for using your camera, what could be better?


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