What to do, what to do...Go to the ZOO!

Spring has finally sprung, and we've been itching to get to the zoo.  When a great friend called and invited us to join her and her kids, we jumped at the opportunity!  I always take my camera, but end up taking dozens of pictures of my kid and none of the animals.  Today was ever so slightly an exception...I got a few critters, but not many, and not the usual suspects.  I also found some gorgeous flowers, and inevitably, those adorable kids stole the show.  Here are my favorites of the day:

This is Vindi and his Momma.  Vindi is a little over a month younger than Wyatt, and I always enjoy watching him frolic and play.  If Wyatt were an ape (who says he's not), they'd be great friends.

A sure sign of spring:  a squirrel!  This one was not afraid of us at all...I suspect he gets fed a lot of toddler fodder from all of the strollers passing by.

A very angry and aggressive rattlesnake.  He was definitely not a fan of children.  Thank heaven for glass barriers...he actually struck the glass several times while the kids were viewing him!

A sweet little scissor-tail fly catcher.  She was just so precious.  I think she liked having her picture taken as she just kept tilting her head side to side between clicks.  Love our state bird!

I'm no arborist, so I've got no idea what kind of tree this was, but wow, it's blooms were gorgeous.

Again, no idea what this was, but I want about a million of these shrubs in my garden!  So bright and cheery!

And now the kids.  My friend Dana makes some pretty cute babies.
This is Puddy. (It's an endearing nickname, if you're wondering)
And Parker.
Dana, corralling a runaway.  Look at that belly!
The whole lot of us, minus me, of course.  If you could've seen what the wind was doing to my hair, you'd appreciate the fact that I was behind the lens.
Libby and Wyatt, making my heart smile.


  1. My boys and I really enjoyed these pics. They turned out great! Tulsa Zoo really has some pretty landscaping.

  2. Glad you and they boys enjoyed them! I have gotten to know the zoo's landscaping really well over the past year because Wyatt is always in it. About every five paces, the boy stops to pick up a leaf, stick, bloom, seed pod, etc.

  3. We just got back from the zoo! Love your photos!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day!
    I'm pretty sure those lovely yellow blooms are forsythia. They are just now beginning to bloom in my yard.

  5. I always love going to the zoo - great captures!


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