The Zoo: Part Deux

Two days ago, I blogged about the Tulsa Zoo's Nature Exchange Center and a very productive nature walk the boy and I took.  Today, I finish the story.

When this is the first thing you witness in the morning, how can you not have an incredible day?
I had to pull the car over for this one.  

  The heavens tell about the glory of God.
      The skies show that his hands created them.   Psalm 19:1 NIV

Okay, back to the zoo...

I managed a couple of animal photos, although not many.  I am extremely fond of this Sicilian donkey.  I think he likes me, too, as he always comes over to me when I call him and I totally sneak in an ear scratch or two (this is NOT part of the petting zoo, but I can't resist him).  I know I'm about to come off as a Jesus-freak, but that's fine by me:  there is a sweet story behind this particular donkey that makes me love his breed all the more.  It is said that this is the type of donkey that Mary rode into Bethleham to deliver our Savior, and also the same type that Jesus rode into Jerusalem...hence the cross on the donkey's back.

I lovingly refer to this big guy as the Wyatt Cow because he and my son have the exact same color of hair, and they're both perpetually in need of a good haircut.

The female peacock.  She seemed rather grateful to have her photo taken...usually her mate hogs all of the attention.

That's it for animal pictures today, but now, onto the rest of the story...

This is Rob.  He is an incredibly knowledgeable zookeeper that works in the Nature Exchange Center.  I converse with Wyatt about Rob almost every single day of my life.  Wyatt wants to be Rob when he grows up. 
In this photo, the two of them are discussing the thorn we took from a honey locust tree.  We learned that the scissor tail flycatcher will skewer bugs on these thorns and come back later for a snack.

Here, we see Rob explaining that we did not bring in a rabbit skull, but in fact had found a muskrat skull.  Wyatt scored 3,000 points for this baby!

Rob, slinging a new snake-skin over the beam to join the others in his collection.  At left you can see some of the bins of categorized treasures brought in by other zoo patrons.  This isn't even half of it...I only brought my telephoto lens today, so I had to go outside to take this shot.  

And here is Pooky with his new goodies!  All in all, he ended up trading 5 items for a total of 3,210 points today, bringing his overall total to 3,270!  He spent about half on a splurge item...a giant starfish...and of course found a couple more little seashells to add to his collection.

The animals and Nature Exchange were only half of the story today.  We once again accompanied friends (and the entire population of Tulsa, it seemed).  Because children are so fun to photograph, I didn't fight the urge to capture their sweetness.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Ashlyn, trying to see through her windblown hair.
Lauren, with her typical stoic face.
 In a moment of weakness, a smile cracked, and I caught it!
 Kaelyn, doing a balancing act.  Yes, they're twins, and you may follow their antics here on their mother's blog.

I actually snapped a couple of my own child today, too!  Here he is, doing some odd martial art kick in an attempt to show off his new bandaid.  He tripped at the petting zoo, so now I get to worry about e. coli and staph.  Yippee.  Also notice the lack of shoes.  If you're the type who likes to chastise mothers for not properly dressing their kids, let me assure you that I always put shoes and socks on him, and he always takes them off.  Considering that he has on more than one occasion completely disrobed down to his bare-butt, I try not to stress too much over the bare feet.

You know that obnoxious kid at the playground who's always throwing the mulch and dropping things onto passers-by below?  Yeah, well, if he didn't look EXACTLY LIKE ME, I'd totally pretend he wasn't mine and just walk away.

 Today has been a magnificent day.  I am again reminded of how truly blessed I am, and how charmed my life truly has been. 


  1. Our kids are so cute. Ashlyn was super excited to see her picture on the 'puter.

  2. Whaaaat!?! I can't believe those McCoy girls! Smiling for you like that!

    I love all of the pictures.

  3. What a wonderful part of a zoo, the Nature Exchange Center! I didn't know that about the locust tree. They were devils to mow around when we lived in the country. My granddaughters were the same way as Wyatt. It was fun for me because I'm the gramma. :D

  4. I've never in all my life heard that scissor tail flycatchers scewer their bugs! And you and Kim do have some super cute kids!

  5. Yeah, the bug-kabob story was pretty fantastic to me...but hey, who am I to question the all-powerful Rob? I'm telling you, he's hard to stump...the man knows his stuff, so I believe him!

  6. Great shots and how funny about the sky! Yes I AM near Skiatook as a matter of fact!

  7. Your first shot is absolutely amazing! How beautiful. I love your animal shots as well. Great light on the kids too! I have a hard time remembering to find the light before taking the shot! If you're interested I'm hosting Theme Thursday with Jennifer at A Beautiful Life. The theme this week is Jump!


  8. Nicole, thank you so much for your encouragement! I'm a novice, and I am having so much fun learning to use this contraption!

    I would LOVE to join Theme Thursday! By total coincidence, I took pictures of my son on a jupiter jump this morning! I'll pick my favorite and link up!


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