Theme Thursday: Sign

Before becoming a mother of a very active little boy, I would see signs like this and roll my eyes.  I'd think to myself, "Really, people?  You think telling drivers-by that you love your kids is going to make them be any more cautious?"  Now, for whatever reason, I cherish these signs in my neighborhood.  I fume over the speeding cars that seem to have the same attitude I used to have...I've even been seen shaking my fist at them.  It's a little different when your precious baby is one of those "children."  I'd even be willing to drive over speed bumps for him.  All in the name of love, I suppose.

On a silly note, does anyone else think that these signs are a more politically correct version of the old stand-by SLOW Children at Play? 


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week was pretty busy, and I made it all of the way to Thursday without even picking up my camera.  Just when I thought I was going to just skip all of my link ups for this week, the boy and I stopped by an antique shop in downtown Skiatook and managed to make up some ground!

1.  Reflections
I was taking my time browsing, and Wyatt asked if he could go sit down.  After a couple of minutes of pure silence, I started to worry.  I caught him making faces into an adjacent china hutch!

2.  Guess What This Is? 
 I didn't even know, but the lady running the shop did.  It is about 2 feet wide by about 18 inches tall...in case you want to make an educated guess.

3.  What's Inside
We had an egg hunt for our MOPS group, and Wyatt's sweet little friend, Sean, was delighted to find candy inside of his eggs!

4.  Playtime
On Jason's day off this week, we took the boy to the golf course with us for the first time...just to see how it would go.  We all three had a terrific time, and I think we'll be doing it again soon!  I blogged about it...if you want to read the entire post, go here

5.  Lawn & Garden
Last weekend, I attended the Herbal Affair in Sand Springs with my mom and the boy.  Lawn and garden stuff was EVERYWHERE!  Wanna see my blog about it?  Go here.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with the scavenger hunt this week!  I encourage you to join!

Project 64: Pacific Blue

Have I ever mentioned that blue is my favorite color?  Well, it is.  Usually I take pictures of my baby.  This is a picture of my hubby's.  It's a 1976 Dodge 100 pick-up truck.  My husband is only the third owner.  The original owner was a sweet little old lady who only drove it to church and the grocery store, and even then she took turns with her other two vehicles.  The next owner only had it a couple of years before he sold it to us.  It has less than 40K original miles on it!  This was the original color, but it had a two-tone paint job...the roof and the area under the trim across the bottom used to be white...but since it had some slight sun-fading, Jason had it repainted.  He plans to keep it as close to stock as possible...he's even getting the original stereo repaired and reinstalled!  It really is fun to ride around in, and it's a perfect match to Pacific Blue!

project64 button

I Love Garage Sales!

Every Saturday from early spring until late fall, I try to go to at least one garage sale...just for kicks and giggles.  I grew up without much money, so almost everything I ever had was from a garage sale or thrift store, and I learned to really appreciate the art of haggling and finding great deals.  I now have a hard time ever paying full price for anything. 

My wonderful Mom was watching Wyatt this morning, and the weather was halfway decent, so I went searching for sales.  I only went to one today...not because there weren't any more out there, but because I literally emptied my purse for every last red cent at the first one I found.  Look at all of this stuff I got for $34!!!  Most of it is going into the attic until this fall's Just Between Friends consignment sale...Mom and I have so much fun buying stuff to resell!

Here's what I scored with any price I can remember in parentheses:
A wrapping paper holder ($1! I desperately needed this, but I only see them at Christmas time, and I missed them this year!)
A fabric bookshelf that I'm going to sell at JBF this fall ($8).
Over a dozen books for the boy ($4).
A brand new in the box Thomas the Train playset that is going to JBF (I paid $2!!!)
A brand new ring toss game (to JBF, $1)
A dinosaur costume for Wyatt's dress up box (25 cents)
A big bug collector box (25 cents)
A coat and a few tops and a pair of pants for Wy ($7)
Two art aprons for JBF (50 cents)
Jenga for JBF (75 cents)
Corn on the cob handles (I needed more of these!  $1)
Purell dispenser ($1...this is going on my back porch!  I'm gonna order the refills asap!)
Bug viewing magnifying tools ($2)
New baby linky rings for JBF (50 cents)
Photo paper for my printer and thank you cards ($1)
A game for Wyatt ($1)
A couple of other little brand new toys for the outside toy box. (a couple of bucks total)


Momma in Focus Friday

I've been blessed to be the leader of our local Moms of Preschoolers group for the past two years.  My time as director is drawing to a close, and I'm handing over the reins to a wonderful fellow Momma in just a few short weeks.  This morning we held our first ever MOPS Easter Egg Hunt in the brand new park in town, and we had more fun than it should be legal to have!   After a couple of weeks of collecting hundreds of eggs and candy from everyone, about an hour of stuffing eggs last night, and nearly 45 minutes of hiding eggs this morning, it took less than 5 minutes for all of the kids to scoop up all of them!  It was crazy, but a blast!

Of course I took dozens of photos of the event...I tried to make sure to get at least one shot of every kid who came...and as the crowd started dwindling a bit, I remembered to ask a friend to get a shot of me and my sweet boy!  I know I didn't take this photo, but I think it still counts for Momma in Focus, right?

We look nothing alike, do we?  Good grief, I think we even have the same haircut.

I'm loving this weekly encouragement to get in front of the lens for a change with my Pooky Bear.  If you want to join, next week's theme is "Easter."  I highly recommend that even if you don't link up, you make an effort to be in the pictures with your babies!  You'll never regret it!

One Day At A Time


Theme Thursday: Shadow

When I logged onto the computer this morning, I was ecstatic to learn that my photo was chosen as one of the top 5 over at Theme Thursday last week!  I did a little happy dance in my chair!  I feel so encouraged to continue trying new things with my camera!

This week's theme was Shadow.  Immediately in my mind when I read this prompt, I envisioned a beautiful wrought-iron scrollwork's shadow being cast across a garden.  But since my garden is also temporarily located in my mind, and none of my neighbors had such an iron arbor, I decided to go back to my favorite default subject:  Wyatt. 


Golf, anyone?

The hubby had today off from work...his first day off other than Sundays in almost three weeks...so we decided to go do something extra spring-like:  golf.  Well, what we do sort of resembles golf, but we have fun nonetheless.  The way we look at it, we get to hit the ball twice as much as we're expected to...more bang for our buck!

We started out on the driving range.  Here is Jason demonstrating his best form.  He actually did hit this one pretty well, especially considering he was hitting directly into 20mph winds!

Wyatt thought everything about today was hilarious.  I'm not sure whether that means he's pretty astute, or just a goofball.

After lobbing all of our range balls just out of walking distance (seriously, we are both pretty rusty and it showed today!), we began our 3-hole journey around the practice course.  Having an energetic 4 year old who can run like a gazelle really worked out nicely when it came to finding our balls!

Of course, it didn't take long for him to start suggesting clubs and giving us advice....I love how you can tell he's hollering at his daddy in this photo: "Good shot, Daddy!  You did a good job!"

One hole in, and my bag officially became the "stuff holder."  Pine cones, broken tees, long lost golf balls, cattails...Wyatt just wouldn't be Wyatt if he didn't collect tidbits along the way.

And of course, he had a tight grip on whatever this stuff was...some kind of dried flowers.

Another good reason to bring along Pooky:  he'll pull the bag.

Jason always looks this intense.  His scowl is his trademark.  He totally sunk this putt, by the way, and I'm sure that the furrowed brow contributed to his success.

We won't reveal to you our pitiful scores (to be honest, I stopped counting about halfway through our game because I didn't want to know anymore).  One thing is for certain, though:  we had the most adorable flag attendant, ever.

All of these photos were taken with my little Canon point and shoot!  The sketchy chance for rain added to the blunt force risk of a round of golf kept me from bringing the Rebel along. 


Project 64: Magenta

Until yesterday at the Herbal Affair, I still hadn't found my magenta.  I did manage to find a clematis that, once slightly edited, sort of looked magenta.  Then, while ducking into a little antique shop to get out of the sun for a minute, I saw this hat, and I had my muse!

Thanks to some creepy old lady (I can only assume), I didn't have to miss out on magenta week! 

project64 button

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

In the months that I've participated in Project 64: Out of the Box, I've really started to hone in on my photography skills.  While checking out all of the other participant's blogs, I came to realize that there are dozens of photography blogs out there that send out their followers to capture photos according to specific prompts.  I have decided that one of my absolute favorites is Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and I am giving in to the urge to join.  Here are my captures for this week:

1.  Time
This is the top tier of my hubby's watch box.  He's alway appreciated a great watch, and had collected four or five over the past 10 years, so I bought him this watch box for Christmas.  I thought that it would take him awhile to fill it up.  Four months later, I may have to buy him another for our anniversary next month.

2. Poem
I'm not much into poetry, but Poe has long been a favorite of mine.  I would've loved to have taken a picture of a poem on a page, but I just couldn't pick one.

3.  Outside
The mister and I spent far too long outside working on the yard the other day...you know it's getting late when the sun sets on your fun.  Glad we did, though, because this sunset was lovely.

4.  Zoom!
This prompt really puzzled me.  Ideally, I would've loved to have captured Wyatt zooming around on his bike or a car blasting by, but alas, the moment never happened.  Then, on one of our daily walks, I spotted the Calamine Lotion factory's dream:  a fresh patch of poison ivy growing all over a tree.  I zoomed in to the tippy top so I could capture this vine draping downward.

5.  Isolation
I know a few of you are probably thinking I'm a kook at this point, but the photo I had in mind required Wyatt and two of his friends cooperating with me for a posed shot.  So much for that.  So, I got creative:  Wyatt has had this giraffe since he was born, and it has had a kink in its neck forever which makes it look just pitiful.  I arranged all of the other stuffed toys on the bed to look like they're having a plush party, and captured Giraffey (Wyatt's name for him) sadly looking on.


Herbal Affair and Kids

For as long as I can remember, I've spent the third Saturday of April in downtown Sand Springs at the annual Herbal Affair.  Vendors from all over the area bring in gorgeous plants, aromatic herbs, handmade crafts, and shabby chic antiques.  The air is filled with various forms of skewered meat sizzling over open flames, funnel cakes are leaving powdery trails everywhere, and spirited live folk music creates the background noise for thousands of passers-by. 

My favorite thing to do at the Herbal Affair is just peruse the arts and crafts.  Being creative myself, I'm often scouting new ideas for projects that will keep me busy in any down time (she laughs) that I come across in the near future. 

This lovely wreath made of yellowed pages of old books is an example of such a thing.  I shall be attempting this with one of my quarter garage sale books this summer!

I'm no weaver, but I love these colorful baskets.  They're ridiculously expensive though.  Jason often complains about my affinity for baskets...they're just so darned handy!  

Okay, these were just too cute.  This vendor had tons of antique garden tools and furniture.  I was pretty tempted to scoop up a lot of it.

Same vendor...Wyatt wanted some of these so badly, but croquet balls seem to spell trouble to me...I could just imagine being pelted in the head with one.

Birds are my favorite creature.  I've always said that if I could be any animal, it'd be a bird.  I tend to gravitate towards birdy figurines, again, much to the dismay of my hubby.  Hey!  Maybe I should just keep my bird collection in a huge basket!

After awhile, our sunblock started wearing off and the boy was getting pretty tired of walking, so we headed back home.  I took the scenic route through the backroads near where I grew up.  We passed a sign that I've seen hundreds of times throughout my life, and this time, I was compelled to stop just to get a picture of it.  I've always loved this sign, but it has quite a different feel to it now that I'm a mom:

As I was snapping away, the lady who lives in the house came out to greet me.  I felt kind of silly, but she said dozens of people stop every month to take a picture by the sign...usually with their kids standing by it.  Wyatt wouldn't cooperate today, or I might have done the same.  She said she doesn't take trades, by the way.
Since we were there, and since I'd already unbuckled my kid, she took us to see the baby goats!

These sweet babies were not quite 2 weeks old!  Apparently, they were hungry.  I cannot even describe how much I want a baby goat now!  They were so PRECIOUS!

But Jason said no again.  Sheesh.  Oh well, it's probably for the best...they might have eaten all of my baskets.


Theme Thursday & Momma In Focus Friday

I've been weaning myself from the computer a bit this week since summer's on it's way and I'll be spending so much time outside.  Plus, Wyatt is super fun right now, and I'd rather be playing with him than sitting in front of this screen!

I'm still snapping away with my camera, and here are my submissions for a couple of my favorite photo blogs that I'm following!

This week's theme for Theme Thursday was "transportation."  I decided to opt for my favorite mode of transport in the spring:  my bicycle!  On beautiful days, I'd much rather hop on this with Wyatt in his trailer being pulled behind me.  We ride to the church for bible study and to the park to play. 

The next blog, Momma in Focus Friday, encourages moms to get in front of the camera with their kids.  The prompt for this week was "jammies."  Uh, I wasn't too excited about that, but I got over it.  You can tell we had just both woken up...my hair was all sticky-uppy, and we both have sleepy eyes!  I don't technically own any "jammies."  I just wear knit shorts and a tank top or t-shirt, but Wyatt is always stylin'.

One Day At A Time


Mema & Papa

The mister and I were working in the backyard last night...he was spraying weed killer, I was filling any puppy-sized gaps under the fence with dirt...and my parents surprised us with a visit!  Of course, Wyatt was happy as a clam, especially since 99% of Mema viewings result in a new toy, and because until my dad retired from truck-driving a few months ago, Papa visits have been rare. 

Every year for Christmas, I make both sets of grandparents a photo calendar; on everyone's birthday/anniversary, I put a picture of that person on the date square.  Well, last year, I had to reuse some photos of my parents because I don't get them together much.  That won't be a problem this year!

This is by far my favorite.  My dad looks the best I've seen him in a couple of years.  On his 60th birthday, he found out he had colon cancer and went through surgery and a year of chemo.  This is how my Daddy should look...happy and healthy (and cancer free for over a year now!).

Papa being silly.  Bunny ears, huh?  How apropo for Easter on my calendar...hmmmm.

Do you think he's excited to see his Mema?
By the way, in case you haven't already noticed, my son is a dead ringer for her.  Everyone always tells me he's my clone, but I only see my mom when I look at him...which is wonderful.  Of course, everyone also says I'm a dead ringer for my Momma...wonder if that has anything to do with it?

How sweet is this one?  She always looks at him like this.  As much as I love him, I suspect she may have me beat.

As their impromptu visit came to a close, Papa gave the boy a few spankings to hold him over until the next time.

Apparently, he's slipping since I was a kid, because Wyatt doesn't look like he minded at all.

And of course, gotta get bye-bye kissies.