Bubble Boy

After last week's cold snap, the weather for the past couple of days has been exceptional.  The grass is starting to come out of hibernation, the birds are busily building their nests, and bugs are beginning to creep out of the woodwork.  Spring has sprung.  We decided to celebrate with bubbles!

It's been awhile since we've played with bubbles...he was trying to determine the best way to soap up his wand.  Swishing violently enough to knock over the bottle ended up being his preferred method.

This is really this first time he's been successful at blowing bubbles on his own.  In the past, he never grasped the concept of blowing gently enough to form the bubbles without bursting them...he kind of just spit into the wand...but with age comes wisdom.

Blowing Mommy bubble kisses!

And this was the last of the bubble photos for the day...he decided that it would be funny to try to blow them onto my lens.  After his first attempt resulted in a serious scold, he promised not to do it again...this is the resulting shot of him testing that boundary. 

My favorite sign of spring:  shoots of green grass under sweet little bare feet. 
This will be my submission for Theme Thursday this week...the theme:  A Touch of Spring.

Okay, I know this photo kind of makes Wyatt look like a two-headed monster, but I love it anyway.  I decided that if I don't get into a picture every once in awhile, it'd be a crying shame.

Here we are perfecting our Crazy Face.

I love this one taken by my husband the most.  Maybe because I don't look awful, or because Wyatt is being his silly self...or perhaps because I look tan compared to my little albino red-headed pumpkin. 


  1. I love every picture! I'm so happy for you that Spring has finally Sprung in your neck of the woods! Here, not so much. It snowed yesterday and the lake is still partially frozen over. You however get to play in soapy bubbles. My girls would be so jealous. I love the testing of the boundaries. My girls also do their best with different techniques. Lorelei likes to jump into shots.

    I LOVE the photos with you in them! They really are fantastic. I really enjoy the last photo too! He looks so happy and you look so strong and in control. Great capture! Kudos to the husband for his skills.

  2. Boys and bubbles - definitely cute but I love the three shots of the two of you! You can see the love from one to the other - perfect!

  3. I'm back. Too funny. I LOVE the bare feet. I can't wait for bare feet in my area. I am definitely a bare foot in the grass/ flip flop kind of gal. Thank you for linking up with us for Theme Thursday! As always, amazing captures, but I already told you that. ;)

  4. Nicole, thank YOU for hosting such a fun photo contest! I feel like I've got to slow myself down when it comes to Theme Thursday...I always get the picture on a Friday and have to talk myself into either holding onto it, or remembering to link back to it!
    On another note: wish you were closer...we'd have lots of fun!

  5. These are all such great photos! Love the little toes in the grass, too cute! Makes me ready for some beautiful green grass! I think my favorite though is the picture of both of you with the funny faces, love it! Have a great weekend and thanks again for joining us for Theme Thursday!


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