Golf, anyone?

The hubby had today off from work...his first day off other than Sundays in almost three weeks...so we decided to go do something extra spring-like:  golf.  Well, what we do sort of resembles golf, but we have fun nonetheless.  The way we look at it, we get to hit the ball twice as much as we're expected to...more bang for our buck!

We started out on the driving range.  Here is Jason demonstrating his best form.  He actually did hit this one pretty well, especially considering he was hitting directly into 20mph winds!

Wyatt thought everything about today was hilarious.  I'm not sure whether that means he's pretty astute, or just a goofball.

After lobbing all of our range balls just out of walking distance (seriously, we are both pretty rusty and it showed today!), we began our 3-hole journey around the practice course.  Having an energetic 4 year old who can run like a gazelle really worked out nicely when it came to finding our balls!

Of course, it didn't take long for him to start suggesting clubs and giving us advice....I love how you can tell he's hollering at his daddy in this photo: "Good shot, Daddy!  You did a good job!"

One hole in, and my bag officially became the "stuff holder."  Pine cones, broken tees, long lost golf balls, cattails...Wyatt just wouldn't be Wyatt if he didn't collect tidbits along the way.

And of course, he had a tight grip on whatever this stuff was...some kind of dried flowers.

Another good reason to bring along Pooky:  he'll pull the bag.

Jason always looks this intense.  His scowl is his trademark.  He totally sunk this putt, by the way, and I'm sure that the furrowed brow contributed to his success.

We won't reveal to you our pitiful scores (to be honest, I stopped counting about halfway through our game because I didn't want to know anymore).  One thing is for certain, though:  we had the most adorable flag attendant, ever.

All of these photos were taken with my little Canon point and shoot!  The sketchy chance for rain added to the blunt force risk of a round of golf kept me from bringing the Rebel along. 

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  1. I love that you guys soaked up your family day off together doing something fun and recharging!! I am not a golfer..my hubby loves bass fishing and I just can't get into that with him but, going out to relax on the lake while he fishes is wonderful. Wyatt looks like he has a blast;0. so cute!


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