Good Fences...

I will preface this post with a statement that you may read into if you wish, and then I'll leave it at that:
We'll never buy a home in a neighborhood that is governed by an HOA again.

Now that that is off of my chest, on to the most exciting thing to happen in my little life as of late...we now have a fence!  If you're thinking to yourself, "big whoop!" let me explain why this tickles my fancy:
  • It's like having a babysitter built right around my house!  I can now throw the boy into the backyard to play solo without worrying about him running off or some random dog running in. 
  • Speaking of dogs, prepare yourselves for the addition of a not-so-random one to our little family very soon!  I don't know who's more excited, me or the boy!
  • I will not feel the need to fix my hair or wear cute clothes just to simply sit on my back porch.  Before today, our back yard was open for the world to see.  I may even attempt a tan by laying out this summer!
  • Jason has promised me complete dominion over one corner of our yard.  I get to create a wonderfully landscaped getaway, complete with bird feeders, flowers, cozy chairs, and even a fountain!  Once it's finished, it's where I'll be should you need me.
  • Our boat, which is nestled on the side of our house, will no longer torment onlookers in the neighborhood (go ahead, read the sarcasm in that one).
Being the goofball that I am, you know that I documented the whole thing in photos.  I've probably lost a few of you by now out of boredom, but here are the pictures anyway:

Look at how blue the sky was the other day...I haven't touched the color!
This is the row of posts lining the back border.
Whoa, that's a lot of concrete.  Glad I'm not the one who had to lug it around and mix it!
 Old-fashioned post-hole diggers.  I kind of laughed to myself when I saw these...I like doing things the hard way, and apparently, so does someone else.  (I still use a manual can-opener, fyi)
 Thankfully, someone else wanted to finish our fence sometime this century, and they brought the big guns.
The home stretch!  The pickets are going up way faster than I thought possible!
See that corner on the right?  I do believe that I shall be staking my claim on that one. 
Welcome to our yard!
Next step:  find a way to make the gates Pooky-proof!


  1. Your yard is immense! How fast did the fence go up?
    I was so thrilled when we got a fence for our little one, for your reasons and an added one- I wouldn't hear from our neighbor across the street saying how much I yelled at our toddler not to go into the street. To my defense, I was pregnant with our second one. Whew! And...we, I mean my hubby, used the first post hole diggers. Poor guy!

  2. Our yard is pretty big considering it's a neighborhood lot, but the one we left behind when we bought this home was 1 1/2 acres! I think this one is right at 1/2 acre...I have my husband back! He spends so much time working on the yard! I know the back yard is full of weeds right now, but that's because we have three empty lots surrounding it that rarely get mowed. Our front yard is pure bermuda and is gorgeous...the hubs says the back will look like that in no time now that it's fenced off and he can keep the weeds out!

  3. Amen to the no HOA! I can only imagine. :)
    Love the fence. I'm one of those that think good fences make good neighbors. I sense some of yours might not. :)
    Can't wait to see what you do with 'your corner'.


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