Herbal Affair and Kids

For as long as I can remember, I've spent the third Saturday of April in downtown Sand Springs at the annual Herbal Affair.  Vendors from all over the area bring in gorgeous plants, aromatic herbs, handmade crafts, and shabby chic antiques.  The air is filled with various forms of skewered meat sizzling over open flames, funnel cakes are leaving powdery trails everywhere, and spirited live folk music creates the background noise for thousands of passers-by. 

My favorite thing to do at the Herbal Affair is just peruse the arts and crafts.  Being creative myself, I'm often scouting new ideas for projects that will keep me busy in any down time (she laughs) that I come across in the near future. 

This lovely wreath made of yellowed pages of old books is an example of such a thing.  I shall be attempting this with one of my quarter garage sale books this summer!

I'm no weaver, but I love these colorful baskets.  They're ridiculously expensive though.  Jason often complains about my affinity for baskets...they're just so darned handy!  

Okay, these were just too cute.  This vendor had tons of antique garden tools and furniture.  I was pretty tempted to scoop up a lot of it.

Same vendor...Wyatt wanted some of these so badly, but croquet balls seem to spell trouble to me...I could just imagine being pelted in the head with one.

Birds are my favorite creature.  I've always said that if I could be any animal, it'd be a bird.  I tend to gravitate towards birdy figurines, again, much to the dismay of my hubby.  Hey!  Maybe I should just keep my bird collection in a huge basket!

After awhile, our sunblock started wearing off and the boy was getting pretty tired of walking, so we headed back home.  I took the scenic route through the backroads near where I grew up.  We passed a sign that I've seen hundreds of times throughout my life, and this time, I was compelled to stop just to get a picture of it.  I've always loved this sign, but it has quite a different feel to it now that I'm a mom:

As I was snapping away, the lady who lives in the house came out to greet me.  I felt kind of silly, but she said dozens of people stop every month to take a picture by the sign...usually with their kids standing by it.  Wyatt wouldn't cooperate today, or I might have done the same.  She said she doesn't take trades, by the way.
Since we were there, and since I'd already unbuckled my kid, she took us to see the baby goats!

These sweet babies were not quite 2 weeks old!  Apparently, they were hungry.  I cannot even describe how much I want a baby goat now!  They were so PRECIOUS!

But Jason said no again.  Sheesh.  Oh well, it's probably for the best...they might have eaten all of my baskets.

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