I Love Garage Sales!

Every Saturday from early spring until late fall, I try to go to at least one garage sale...just for kicks and giggles.  I grew up without much money, so almost everything I ever had was from a garage sale or thrift store, and I learned to really appreciate the art of haggling and finding great deals.  I now have a hard time ever paying full price for anything. 

My wonderful Mom was watching Wyatt this morning, and the weather was halfway decent, so I went searching for sales.  I only went to one today...not because there weren't any more out there, but because I literally emptied my purse for every last red cent at the first one I found.  Look at all of this stuff I got for $34!!!  Most of it is going into the attic until this fall's Just Between Friends consignment sale...Mom and I have so much fun buying stuff to resell!

Here's what I scored with any price I can remember in parentheses:
A wrapping paper holder ($1! I desperately needed this, but I only see them at Christmas time, and I missed them this year!)
A fabric bookshelf that I'm going to sell at JBF this fall ($8).
Over a dozen books for the boy ($4).
A brand new in the box Thomas the Train playset that is going to JBF (I paid $2!!!)
A brand new ring toss game (to JBF, $1)
A dinosaur costume for Wyatt's dress up box (25 cents)
A big bug collector box (25 cents)
A coat and a few tops and a pair of pants for Wy ($7)
Two art aprons for JBF (50 cents)
Jenga for JBF (75 cents)
Corn on the cob handles (I needed more of these!  $1)
Purell dispenser ($1...this is going on my back porch!  I'm gonna order the refills asap!)
Bug viewing magnifying tools ($2)
New baby linky rings for JBF (50 cents)
Photo paper for my printer and thank you cards ($1)
A game for Wyatt ($1)
A couple of other little brand new toys for the outside toy box. (a couple of bucks total)

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  1. Great finds! LOVE a good garage sale. We must go again this season!


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