Mema & Papa

The mister and I were working in the backyard last night...he was spraying weed killer, I was filling any puppy-sized gaps under the fence with dirt...and my parents surprised us with a visit!  Of course, Wyatt was happy as a clam, especially since 99% of Mema viewings result in a new toy, and because until my dad retired from truck-driving a few months ago, Papa visits have been rare. 

Every year for Christmas, I make both sets of grandparents a photo calendar; on everyone's birthday/anniversary, I put a picture of that person on the date square.  Well, last year, I had to reuse some photos of my parents because I don't get them together much.  That won't be a problem this year!

This is by far my favorite.  My dad looks the best I've seen him in a couple of years.  On his 60th birthday, he found out he had colon cancer and went through surgery and a year of chemo.  This is how my Daddy should look...happy and healthy (and cancer free for over a year now!).

Papa being silly.  Bunny ears, huh?  How apropo for Easter on my calendar...hmmmm.

Do you think he's excited to see his Mema?
By the way, in case you haven't already noticed, my son is a dead ringer for her.  Everyone always tells me he's my clone, but I only see my mom when I look at him...which is wonderful.  Of course, everyone also says I'm a dead ringer for my Momma...wonder if that has anything to do with it?

How sweet is this one?  She always looks at him like this.  As much as I love him, I suspect she may have me beat.

As their impromptu visit came to a close, Papa gave the boy a few spankings to hold him over until the next time.

Apparently, he's slipping since I was a kid, because Wyatt doesn't look like he minded at all.

And of course, gotta get bye-bye kissies.

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