Momma in Focus Friday

I've been blessed to be the leader of our local Moms of Preschoolers group for the past two years.  My time as director is drawing to a close, and I'm handing over the reins to a wonderful fellow Momma in just a few short weeks.  This morning we held our first ever MOPS Easter Egg Hunt in the brand new park in town, and we had more fun than it should be legal to have!   After a couple of weeks of collecting hundreds of eggs and candy from everyone, about an hour of stuffing eggs last night, and nearly 45 minutes of hiding eggs this morning, it took less than 5 minutes for all of the kids to scoop up all of them!  It was crazy, but a blast!

Of course I took dozens of photos of the event...I tried to make sure to get at least one shot of every kid who came...and as the crowd started dwindling a bit, I remembered to ask a friend to get a shot of me and my sweet boy!  I know I didn't take this photo, but I think it still counts for Momma in Focus, right?

We look nothing alike, do we?  Good grief, I think we even have the same haircut.

I'm loving this weekly encouragement to get in front of the lens for a change with my Pooky Bear.  If you want to join, next week's theme is "Easter."  I highly recommend that even if you don't link up, you make an effort to be in the pictures with your babies!  You'll never regret it!

One Day At A Time


  1. When I first read that you look nothing alike I looked up at the picture and I was like, Really she doesn't see how much alike they look (lol) and then I read the rest and was like oh, yes she totally sees it;0 hehe. My daughter is nearly the spitting image of her daddy. I got nothing on her really. Boo. Maybe the next one! haha.

    GREAT shot of you having a fun moment with your little man!! So cute. I actually might have to steal your idea here as a prompt for a week. On my shoulders perhaps?? Love it! Oh, and you don't have to be the one taking the picture. I almost never take ours. My hubby always does thankfully! HAppy Easter to you friend! xo

  2. My kids look like me too- as much as I hate to admit that. But beautiful shot & props to you for having him on your shoulders

  3. I had to lol about the hair cut comment! Too cute! Miss you lots!!

  4. This is such a great photo of you both--I love it!

  5. Aww, the egg hunt looked fun! Sorry we missed it. Great pic of you and W. I need to get more pics of me.


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