Project 64: Burnt Sienna

What I wouldn't give to have a "pause" button for today's weather.  Lower 70's, partly cloudy, gentle breeze.  The birds are chirping, the flowers blooming, the bees buzzing.  Just perfect.

I promise that I'll get to my P64 photo at some point in this post, but for now, on to other business!

Wy and I headed outdoors this morning...surprise.  I'm really not sure why, but there sure is a novelty to having the yard fenced in.  For the past 3 1/2 years, we've had free range of our yard plus several empty lots surrounding us, and all of the sudden, both of us are pleased as pickles to be fenced in.  Go figure.  I decided to play around a little with my camera's timer and continuous shot modes to try and capture a few more natural shots of me and my little buddy.  I'm so glad I did...here are a couple of my favorites:

In case you're wondering, I hold him under his arms like that to keep from disjointing him...I've had friends who've accidentally dislocated their kids' shoulders by holding their wrists!

He especially loved this...we "raced" from the fence to the camera...and we had to repeat it about 10 times in order to get one good shot.  I guess if you're having fun, it doesn't really matter what you're doing...within reason.
I'm submitting this one to Momma In Focus Friday.  The prompt for the week is "yellow," and I know you really can't tell in this picture, but my necklace is bright yellow.  Oh well, I tried.

 Okay, no one make fun of me, or else.  I thought it might be fun to try a couple of self-portraits, too. 
I included a few pictures of me and Pooh in my post from a few days ago, but those were taken after a really long day, and in my personal opinion, I could've looked cuter.
This is my second favorite.  I actually like another one so much more, but my stupid bra straps are showing and my necklace was all askew.  This one is nice, though.

I really love this one.  I had the camera set on continuous shooting, and Wyatt decided to join me!  There's that bra strap again. 

After awhile, Wyatt stopped cooperating, so I took him to the pond to feed the ducks. 
We may have to stop feeding them altogether because they've figured out where we live somehow and they will waddle all of the way to our front door to beg for food.  This wouldn't be a bid deal except for the fact that they poop all over our sidewalk and driveway, and it's super disgusting.

Much to the shagrin of some of our neighbors, Wyatt happily assisted a few dandelions in their mission to take over the world.

Next, we hopped on our bikes and rode over a couple of streets to visit our beloved friends, Clifford and Joella.  We found them outside tending to their yard, as usual. 
This photo is from a month or so ago...I didn't get a photo of the two of them together today.

One of the hardest working octogenarians I've ever met, Clifford spent the morning pulling weeds out of his lawn.  I was a bit broken-hearted by our talk this morning.  Clifford was recently diagnosed with cancer, and Joella is dealing with some health issues herself, so they're going to forego much of their gardening this year.  Radiation treatments over an hour away begin soon, and you can tell they're worn out just thinking about what this spring has in store for them.

I know that they're trusting in the Lord, no matter the earthy outcome. 
Before I get all choked up, let's change the subject.
Clifford was excited to be my model for Project 64 this week...his work boots were the perfect shade of burnt sienna!

Their yard is full of mature hickory and pecan trees.  Wyatt and Clifford broke open a few pecans only to discover those gross little worms.  That gave Clifford an idea...

...so we headed inside to eat some of the stash from the freezer!
Here's the lovely Miss Joella washin' up before serving us the most delicious pecans I've had in ages!

As always, we had a wonderful conversation and lots of fun with our friends, but it was time to head home to fix lunch.  Wyatt made sure to get his huggies before we left.

Now that lunch is filling our bellies and we've regained some energy, I imagine we'll be headed back outside for a bit.  I hope you've all had a beautiful day and get to spend some cherished time with the ones you love!


  1. I really enjoyed reading todays post! Your photos are lovely as well! Your neighbors sure look like a wonderful couple. I'm sorry to hear he has been diagnosed with cancer. I'm sure it's not easy to learn this news of a loved one.

    On to a lighter note! Have you tried a free editing download called GIMP? Here is the link if you're interested: http://www.gimp.org/

    You might be able to do something with those dreaded bra straps! Great post today!

  2. love those photos of you and your son! (also love your hair. and necklace. and tank!) sweet memories you've caputred.

  3. This made me cry. :(
    I love grannies and grandpas.
    Great pics of you, Pretty.

  4. These shots of you and your little one are SOOO sweet!! Looks like you two were having a good ol time playing and running around! ;0. Great shots on this post and thanks for linking up! Happy Friday friend!

  5. That is so sad. I HATE that disease! Your photos of Clifford and Joella are precious.

  6. What a wonderful capture of your day.
    Someday you will really appreciate all the comments and conversations from here.

  7. This is a lovely post, a great day captured for sure! Thanks for linking up and sharing with project64!


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