Project 64: Pacific Blue

Have I ever mentioned that blue is my favorite color?  Well, it is.  Usually I take pictures of my baby.  This is a picture of my hubby's.  It's a 1976 Dodge 100 pick-up truck.  My husband is only the third owner.  The original owner was a sweet little old lady who only drove it to church and the grocery store, and even then she took turns with her other two vehicles.  The next owner only had it a couple of years before he sold it to us.  It has less than 40K original miles on it!  This was the original color, but it had a two-tone paint job...the roof and the area under the trim across the bottom used to be white...but since it had some slight sun-fading, Jason had it repainted.  He plans to keep it as close to stock as possible...he's even getting the original stereo repaired and reinstalled!  It really is fun to ride around in, and it's a perfect match to Pacific Blue!

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  1. Love this! I just love old trucks, if I didn't have to car seats to lug around I would have one myself!


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