Project 64: Spring Green

How apropo that this week's color is spring green!  Signs of spring are popping up everywhere...tulips, daffodils, and redbuds abound...but I challenged myself to find the week's color in something other than the blossoming flora outside.  The first place I headed was to Wyatt's room...that exact shade of green is one of the three main colors of his decor!  Problem is, quilts and bins aren't exactly exciting to photograph. 

Then, this cheeky little guy caught my eye.  He was a gift at one of my baby showers.  Wyatt's nursery had a monkey theme...imagine that. 

Then I remembered this little oinker.  I painted this piggy bank at The Purple Glaze Studio when I was about 6 months pregnant...I had no idea that a)Wyatt would be a boy or b)using spring green to highlight his features would pay off 4 years later.  By the weight of him, it is pretty safe to say that my son currently has more cash than I do.

 This is another of my Purple Glaze creations, although I painted this when I was about 19 years old.  I still really love it, but it doesn't exactly go with anything in my house.  Rather than stick it in a garage sale, I found a home for it in Pooky's room.

All of this reminiscing made me hungry for an afternoon snack.  Good grief, I love avocados.  Mmm.


  1. Humm . . . that avocado looks delicious! I love avocados but the rest of my family hates them, so I don't get to eat them often enough! Specially love guacamole! Great shots!

  2. Oh...love that polka dot vase. So cute.
    The avocados sure are a great match for spring green also.
    Love the story behind your color finds :)

  3. Such fun photos. I especially like the monkey.

  4. Avocado. Brilliant color match!

  5. All of these are spot on for the color!
    But, I love that monkey!!!
    My Grandson's room has a monkey theme too.

    No, you do not have a bad memory. :)
    I actually have two blogs. My post today was on my Photoblog. There's a link to it in my sidebar of my regular blog.

  6. It doesn't look like you lacked for spring green at your house! All great finds. Mine is over at http://www.peripheralperceptions.org/2011/04/03/project64-spring-green/

  7. Love them all! I have always wanted to go down to purple glaze, thought it might be fun! The avocado is a great match! Thanks for linkng up with project 64!


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