Scavenger Hunt Sunday

In the months that I've participated in Project 64: Out of the Box, I've really started to hone in on my photography skills.  While checking out all of the other participant's blogs, I came to realize that there are dozens of photography blogs out there that send out their followers to capture photos according to specific prompts.  I have decided that one of my absolute favorites is Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and I am giving in to the urge to join.  Here are my captures for this week:

1.  Time
This is the top tier of my hubby's watch box.  He's alway appreciated a great watch, and had collected four or five over the past 10 years, so I bought him this watch box for Christmas.  I thought that it would take him awhile to fill it up.  Four months later, I may have to buy him another for our anniversary next month.

2. Poem
I'm not much into poetry, but Poe has long been a favorite of mine.  I would've loved to have taken a picture of a poem on a page, but I just couldn't pick one.

3.  Outside
The mister and I spent far too long outside working on the yard the other day...you know it's getting late when the sun sets on your fun.  Glad we did, though, because this sunset was lovely.

4.  Zoom!
This prompt really puzzled me.  Ideally, I would've loved to have captured Wyatt zooming around on his bike or a car blasting by, but alas, the moment never happened.  Then, on one of our daily walks, I spotted the Calamine Lotion factory's dream:  a fresh patch of poison ivy growing all over a tree.  I zoomed in to the tippy top so I could capture this vine draping downward.

5.  Isolation
I know a few of you are probably thinking I'm a kook at this point, but the photo I had in mind required Wyatt and two of his friends cooperating with me for a posed shot.  So much for that.  So, I got creative:  Wyatt has had this giraffe since he was born, and it has had a kink in its neck forever which makes it look just pitiful.  I arranged all of the other stuffed toys on the bed to look like they're having a plush party, and captured Giraffey (Wyatt's name for him) sadly looking on.


  1. You're funny. I especially like how Poe is awkwardly located next to Beck.

  2. Lovin the sunset shot :D Well done!

  3. Poor Giraffey, not invited yet again. :( Such a cute photo. Gorgeous sunset! Poison ivy...itching just looking at it.

  4. The Giraffey shot made me giggle. Poor guy!

  5. Very nice job - your outside shot is so pretty.

  6. Thank you, everyone! I had a lot of fun...especially with Giraffey.
    Kim, I thought you'd like that one.

  7. Great Job, I love the pics, and so glad you joined. I love this challenge!


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