Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week was pretty busy, and I made it all of the way to Thursday without even picking up my camera.  Just when I thought I was going to just skip all of my link ups for this week, the boy and I stopped by an antique shop in downtown Skiatook and managed to make up some ground!

1.  Reflections
I was taking my time browsing, and Wyatt asked if he could go sit down.  After a couple of minutes of pure silence, I started to worry.  I caught him making faces into an adjacent china hutch!

2.  Guess What This Is? 
 I didn't even know, but the lady running the shop did.  It is about 2 feet wide by about 18 inches tall...in case you want to make an educated guess.

3.  What's Inside
We had an egg hunt for our MOPS group, and Wyatt's sweet little friend, Sean, was delighted to find candy inside of his eggs!

4.  Playtime
On Jason's day off this week, we took the boy to the golf course with us for the first time...just to see how it would go.  We all three had a terrific time, and I think we'll be doing it again soon!  I blogged about it...if you want to read the entire post, go here

5.  Lawn & Garden
Last weekend, I attended the Herbal Affair in Sand Springs with my mom and the boy.  Lawn and garden stuff was EVERYWHERE!  Wanna see my blog about it?  Go here.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with the scavenger hunt this week!  I encourage you to join!


  1. The mystery antique looks like a toy rock polisher my kids got from hobby lobby! Only their's was plastic.

  2. Nope! Good guess, though! Piper, this is something that you could probably use around the farm, hint hint!

  3. These are really cute - your reflection shot is adorable.

  4. I have to agree - the reflection shot is so awesome!

    Hopping here from Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

    ps - I think it's a grill. :)

  5. Your reflection shot is adorable!

  6. my guess is it has something to with laundry? or making butter? haha. ive never seen anything like before. i love your other shots too. very nice.

  7. the lawn and garden shot is my fav! ;)

  8. Alright, here's the answer: the mystery antique is called a pig-oiler. Apparently, you fill it with oil and the pigs rub up against it to oil their dry skin. Kind of silly to me, but hey, to each his own I suppose.


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