Theme Thursday: Sign

Before becoming a mother of a very active little boy, I would see signs like this and roll my eyes.  I'd think to myself, "Really, people?  You think telling drivers-by that you love your kids is going to make them be any more cautious?"  Now, for whatever reason, I cherish these signs in my neighborhood.  I fume over the speeding cars that seem to have the same attitude I used to have...I've even been seen shaking my fist at them.  It's a little different when your precious baby is one of those "children."  I'd even be willing to drive over speed bumps for him.  All in the name of love, I suppose.

On a silly note, does anyone else think that these signs are a more politically correct version of the old stand-by SLOW Children at Play? 


  1. I have actually never seen one of these. I think it's precious. We don't live in a suburb of any kind so I can't relate to the speeders, but I was at a friends one day who does live in a suburban neighborhood and I wondered why she didn't let her kids ride bikes in front of the house until I saw her neighbor speed by. It was definitely something I would mention to them the next time I saw them. People should be aware of their neighbors and the kids in the areafor sure. Great sign capture! As always, lovely photography! Thank you for linking up!


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