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Any of you who follow my blog know that my 4 year old's love of nature provides me with more photo ops than I'd ever find on my own.  This last Thursday, we went with our MOPS group to Safari's Sanctuary to see all of the exotic animals.  Click here to see my blog entry about our wonderful experience and to see all of the lovely animals! 
Anyhoo, when we got home, the weather was too perfect to wither away indoors, so we headed right back outside.  While searching for frogs at the pond, I heard the tell-tale sound of baby birds screeching for their momma.  I saw the momma bird coming in and out of a little birch tree right behind me, so I investigated carefully, and look what I found:
 They were nested at eye level to me, so I was able to sweet talk them a bit and take a few pictures.  Don't worry, I didn't touch them, and I apologized to the momma, who was nearly on my shoulder chewing me out about the whole thing.  I'm entering the above photo as my Favorite Photo of the Week over at Through a Photographer's Lens.
 Aren't they adorable?  I love birds.  Below is Momma, perched atop of a purple martin house nearby.  She was super ticked at me, but even when given the opportunity, she never attacked me.  I think she accepted my apology, too.
 After I had all of my fun, Wyatt spied a few big kids and their big brother fishing across the pond.  Off he went.  We rounded the dam just in time to hold this crappie!  Wyatt was ecstatic!  He also played with the minnows and earthworms they were using as bait.  A cornucopia of smells, let me tell you.
 I know it's kind of gross, but I love the color of the slimy algae that's around the pond right now.  Plus, the water lilies are pretty, too.
This wasn't even the end of our adventure!  After the pond, we headed back to the house to rehydrate, then Wyatt wanted to ride his bike around the block.  I thought I'd been graced with every glorious creature to photograph for the day, so I left the Rebel at the house.  Boy was I ever sorry.  Down the road from our house, we saw three baby killdeers crossing the road...one of which came right up to us! 
What a day!

(Piper at The Barefoot Indian, I'm sorry I let you down!  I promise, baby killdeers are the cutest things ever!  Hope you eventually see some!)


  1. It sounds like a fantastic day!!! We have a robin's nest right outside our dining room window. i've photographed the eggs a few times and am trying my best to get mama. i've moved the dining room chair, slithered up the side of the wall and very slowly inched my camera to the window. She's a very watchful creature!! She catches me every time and flies off like lightening. Though lately, either she's a bit more used to our curious eyes or those eggs are getting close to hatching, because she's a bit more tolerant. I'm hoping to capture some photos of those babies as well as you did!! They are awesome!

  2. I wouldn't be brave enough to get that close, but props to you on a photo that paid out!

  3. What a fun day of adventures. I love your baby birdie shots.

  4. Those are AWESOME shots of the baby birds. I have found that being a mom helps you find alot of new photo ops.

  5. I love the shot of the baby birds all in a row. That is fantastic, the colours really jump out, and you have to ask yourself just exactly what it is that you are looking at.


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