Momma in Focus Friday: Details

When we moved into this house, Wyatt was about 7 months old.  Because moving with an infant was the most fun we'd ever had, Jason and I more or less decided that we're never moving again.  When Wyatt began getting super mobile around a year and a half old (he didn't walk until about 15 months, and even then, he really preferred to army crawl instead), I decided to deface my closet's wall with an impromptu growth chart...if we ever change our minds about moving, I might just have to cut out this section of wall and take it with me.  About every six months or so, I back the kid up to the wall and leave Sharpie evidence of his ever-changing stature.  Notice how much he grew between 2 and 3 years!  He's already grown almost an inch since his birthday in January.  No wonder none of his clothes fit anymore!
Sorry about all of the photo noise...the one tiny incandescent bulb doesn't really reach the back of the closet well, and my Punkin' wouldn't hold still...he wanted to see how much he's grown!

One Day At A Time


  1. I have to say that you have completely motivated me to get a growth chart for Daisy so we can compare it to our next kiddo for fun. This is too adorable!! What a great capture of his detail/height!! Love the idea. Hope you had a blessed week friend. xoxo Happy Friday.

  2. Love it! Such a creative way of showing details. I love how he's looking up trying to see how tall he is! We started a growth chart for Katie last month when she turnd 6 months. We know we're moving so it's a portable one...


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