Project 64: Cerulean + Paper Mama Challenge: Blue

I had a hard time finding cerulean...I think because it was so close to pacific blue in my eyes, and I ended up using an archived photo for that one!  Leave it to Pooky to help me find my color, though!  As usual, he is forever gathering little nuggets of ick while we're on our daily walks, and as he picked up what seemed to be the hundredth crawdaddy pincher of the day, a flash of blue caught his eye (yes, the use of this phrase was purposed to match this photo!) 
 Typically, the pincher molts he finds are grey, brown, or red.  This one, which is enormous by the way, was a beautiful cerulean blue!  I even held it up to my swatch to check!  He even found a couple more, imagine that. 

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  1. Yes, that is cerulean blue! :)

    Becky@ My Daily Journey

  2. Wow! I've never seen a blue crawdaddy pincher.

  3. He's such a good helper! Love the blue. A cool find.

  4. Hey you changed things up on the blog! Well You might of awhile ago, but I haven't been by in awhile! Anyway, LOVE this for cerulean blue, even if it is almost the same as pacific blue! What a good little helper you have!

  5. I love that you "caught his eye" with the picture! Great job!

  6. What a cool find! I love the composition of him looking at it!

  7. this made me chuckle...his "gathering little nuggets of ick"! ha ha

    awesome find for this color and great shot!

  8. Great find and I love your photos! Shana-P64


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