Project 64: Red Violet

This was an exciting week of P64 for me...I got to be a guest host!  Also, this is the first week of the month of May, which I'm sponsoring with a piece of my WyBeadery jewelry!  To see my guest posting, go to Project 64: Outside of the Box .  Be sure to check out the other girls' posts for their red violet captures, and leave fun questions for each in the comments sections of their posts.

Here's the bracelet that the winner of weeks 17-20 will win!  It's Sterling silver with a link of vintage German and Czech glass beads.  Go to WyBeadery's facebook fanpage to see my entire portfolio of handmade, custom jewelry!

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  1. love that first shot and what a pretty vase or glass jar. So neat!! Your bracelet is also very beautiful!! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday friend!

  2. your collection of colored glass is gorgeous

  3. Love your glass jars. So gorgeous in the sunlight.
    What a sweet bracelet too...love the rainbow of colors on it.


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