Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This was a really ruff, er, I mean rough week.  We ended up deciding that Brutus was not the dog for us, and we took him back.  After five days and four SOLID nights of him bawling and howling every second that we weren't with him (and sometimes even when we were), it became very apparent that we did not have the consititution or time for a tiny puppy.  We are currently looking for a slightly older puppy to adopt.  Wish us luck.

That being said, I am pulling a couple of pictures from my archives this week.  Hey, I'm pretty awesome, but I'm not superwoman.  Here are this week's prompts:

1.  Architecture
Pay no attention to the light saber on the floor in the background.  Focus your eyes instead on my coffee table books in my little corner of the house...Frank Lloyd Wright, and Masterpieces of Modern Architecture.  I could stare at marvels of engineering all day.

2.  Rimmed with Light
This darling is the new daughter of a good friend.  She was so kind to let me practice my photography on her two little people a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love this one...I am still way overwhelmed by Photoshop, so this is just a Windows Photo Gallery edit to lean more toward a sepia tone, vintage quality, but I think it's nice. 

3.  Toes or Feet
Another from the archives:  I never did take a photo of Wyatt's feet when he was a newborn, and I really regret it.  One day, while we were playing, I snapped this one.  These are still the same little tootsies that I inspected on the day he was born, and four years later, he still has 10 toes, so I think this photo is just as precious as the newborn one would have been.

4.  This is My Favorite
America.  Because I live here, I am free to live, love, work, and worship how I please.  You wouldn't catch me hanging my hat anywhere else. 

5.  Shade(s)
The shady spots under these giant umbrellas is where you'll find me all summer long.  This is the brand new park in town, and the boy and I are definitely getting our tax-dollar's worth!  We are up there at least two days a week now, and when the splash pad is opened in a couple of weeks, we may just camp out.

Here's a random question that one of you may be able to help me with:  why do my pictures always look so grainy on my blog page?  They are crisp as can be on my computer, but when I upload them to the blog, they look so noisy.  If I click on them to enlarge them, they look perfect again, but I see that everyone else's photos look perfect on their pages, so I'm beginning to think I'm doing something wrong.  Am I?


  1. Wonderful pictures! I love the baby and the toes and the shade! I am glad to be in America.

    It is possible your issue is different than this, but I would guess it has something to do with the resizing for the web that your blog does. This post on Ashley's site helped me understand some of this. Still learning myself.


  2. Those toes are so so sweet - I'm sorry it didn't work out with your dog. :(

  3. I feel you on the dog thing. Four years later we are stuck with a dog that I can't stand have the time but the girls love to death.

    The pictures are just gorgeous. There is something about children's toes that make them so cute.

  4. I have no idea if this'll help or not but have you tried putting your photos on flickr & pulling them from there when adding them to your blog? Does that make sense?

  5. I know, right? Kind of apropo for this week...I love how that worked out!

  6. I didn't even notice the light saber in the background until you pointed it out. Maybe that's my problem with housework. I overlook too much!

    Great scavenger finds!


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