Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Have you ever thanked yourself for making your life a little more difficult?  Well, last week I suggested a couple of prompts to Ashley Sisk for Scavenger Hunt Sunday...I guess I didn't think too hard about what I would actually photograph if given said prompts.  Sigh.  I managed to pull it out, though.  Here are my captures:

1.  SOOC
Ashley, you're not alone when you lay on the ground to take photos of your landscaping....I was totally prone for this one.  My neighbors already think I'm a fruit, so who cares, right?
This prompt started a conversation between a friend and me that led to her calling me a name:  a purist.  About 75% of my photos are SOOC.  Until I really started paying attention, I honestly thought most photographers strived to capture perfect images SOOC like I do.  Over time, I've realized that it is rare to see an untouched photo.  I can appreciate all of the editing that makes a good picture a great picture, and I think I like editing almost as much as taking the shots, but SOOC is a lost art in my opinion.

2.  Sprouting
This isn't exactly the image in my head for "sprouting," but all of my landscaping sprouted a month ago, and Wyatt's strawberry plant that I was counting on fell victim to a toddler who was visiting with her mom.  So you get some double knock-out rose buds instead! 

3.  Isn't it Ironic?
I'm still trying to figure out what the ladders leading up to the top of slides are for...Wyatt prefers to struggle tremendously by climbing right back up the slide.  This is another one of my suggested prompts...the item that inspired me to suggest it was not exactly photogenic, so I struggled all week to come up with something else.  What was that item, you ask?  The toilet seat at church has its brand name stamped on it:  Chuch.

4.  Lazy
On the super hot days, I simply can't be bothered to stand in direct sunlight to water the plants.  So, I just rig the sprayer to flow continuously, point it at the desired plant, and lay it down while I hang out in the shade.

5.  Smells Like Spring
On the way into Wal-Mart, the boy wanted to smell all of the flowers in the hanging baskets on display.  I don't know what these are...I guess I should've looked at the tags...but they sure were lovely!


  1. All great shots! I want to get better at SOOC because editing takes extra time that I need to be spending on other things. Your roses are beautiful and I think the flower your son is smelling is a geranium.

  2. Well SOOC shots are beautiful - and yours definitely are. I shoot Raw so I have to do some processing but the more I work with photography, the more I strive to get the exposure stuff correct in camera.


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