Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I know that I've used this excuse for the past several weeks for being late to link up, but this week, life being crazy actually kept me from taking more than two or three pictures.  The few I did take were not my best work.  So, please forgive me while I participate fully on my archived photos for this week's hunt.  I'll do better next time, promise!

1.  Give Me Flowers
On special occasions, the hubby is a dear and brings me a gorgeous, totally unexpected bouquet of flowers.  Nearly every day, the Pooky Bear gives me a fistful of these little purple weeds.  Love them both so much!

2.  Visual Contrast
This SOOC is of my day lilies making their spring debut about a month ago.  I love the contrast of the bright chartreuse green against the brick red lava rock.  They're now over 2 ft tall and just about to explode with blooms!

3. Friendship
Late in the fall, I took Wyatt and his little friend Sean out on a nature walk.  We found all kinds of interesting rocks, sticks, flowers, and nuts.  We ended the adventure by chucking stones into the duck pond.  Fun times.

4.  Before and After
Last July, our MOPS group went to the local blackberry farm and picked the juicy berries to our hearts' content!  Afterward, the boy and I made some incredible cobbler.  Very much looking forward to repeating that event in a couple of months!
You'll have to forgive me for not making a proper diptych...I haven't figured that out yet, even with online tutorials doing their best to show me how.  I'm kind of a "show me in person" girl.  Lucky for me, I have a wonderful friend who is going to do just that soon. 

5.  Dark
I took this photo in New Mexico on the next-to-last day of our vacation last summer.  We had literally been driving all day, making the trek back home, when the sun started to set.  It was hard to pick a favorite...I took tons of photos of this sunset...but I love this one.  Not too shabby considering it was taken with my little Canon point and shoot...and that I took it from the passenger seat, through the open driver's window...while traveling at about 80 mph.


  1. Great shots! The last one is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Give me flowers is STUNNING!!! Before and After looks SOO SOO YUMMY!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  3. The last shot turned out really nice - I also love your flower shot! Beautiful.

  4. I like your take on before and after - yum! The flowers and the sunset are so pretty!

  5. before and after made me hungry and your dark shot is awesome!

  6. The contrast shot answers my question about lava rock. I'm tired of weeds in my flowers and wondered how hard of a time they would have popping up through rock instead of mulch. :)
    Cute friendship pic - smiling innocence.
    Your cobbler looks delicious. Can't wait for my berry vines to produce.
    I think that sky shot is excellent having been taken at 80 miles an hour.
    Loved your idea about having Lily 'pet' the flowers. I'll pass that along to my daughter.

  7. Lovely shots, all of them! That cobbler looks yummy and I love the visual contrast shot!

  8. Mmm that cobbler looks so yummy and I love that sunset!


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