Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I loved the prompts this week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  I pulled two pictures from my archives for this week because I just didn't like the pictures I took for those two particular subjects...but at least I did get out there and took some photos!  I actually had some spare time this week, and life seems to be getting back to a more manageable pace.  Phew!
1.  My Passion
While photography is quickly surpassing my love of jewelry-making, beading is the only hobby I've stuck with for more than a few months.  I've been creating handmade, custom jewelry for over a decade now, and I've been teaching college students Jewelry Design for a few years now.  Aside from being behind the lens of my camera, this is my favorite outlet for my creative energy!
This was an archived photo...it was my submission for scarlet over at Project 64: Out of the Box a month or so ago.
(If you'd like to shop some of my designs, hop over to WyBeadery on facebook and have a gander at my entire portfolio!)

2. Sound of Music
Harmonicas are a grandparent's way of getting back at you for any grief you gave them while they were raising you.  I'd take it away from him, but he loves it so.

3.  Inner Beauty
I wonder if anyone's tiring of my knock out roses yet...oh well, I'm not!  This rose bush was my mother's day gift from my husband last year...his way of giving me dozens of roses all season long! 
I love this tiny little bud.  It's hiding inside of it a gorgeous, bright pink bloom that's just waiting to dazzle passers-by!

4.  Ethereal
This is the other archived photo.  I cannot get over how much I love this photo.  I've been experimenting with it in photoshop, but I really don't know what I'm doing, so this is the original just tweaked a little in Photo Gallery.  This little darling belongs to my good friend, Kim, over at My Kids are Freaks.  Don't worry, she means that in the most endearing way.

5.  Sharp
Okay, so I know thistles are sharp, but when I was photographing this one, I guess I forgot just how sharp they can be.  The wind was blowing it all over the place, so I reached over to grab the stem to steady it...let's just say I could've given a blood sample with the prick I got! 


  1. That sound of music shot made me laugh out loud! Your sharp shot is beautiful, i'm sorry you were stabbed in the process!

  2. Jewelry design?! That's so cool! I really, really like your "sharp" photo - the colors are so great

  3. Really great work - I absolutely love your last two shots!

  4. Wonderful shots! I LOVE your "Sound of Music" shot lol


  5. I love the pic of Wyatt!! Those eyes!!!
    I also love your shot of the rose getting ready to burst forth! the anticipation!!

  6. Me too - I can't keep from smiling at Wyatt's expression - too cute!
    Lovely rosebud!!!
    I like the windblown look of the thistle, but ouch. :)

  7. Your photographs are so beautiful. My favourite is that thistle - it looks so different to the ones I see here "in the land of thistles" - Scotland!

  8. Thank you so much! In the background, you can barely make out a bud...I think this was the leftover of the big purple fluffly thistle after all of the fluff came off? On this same plant were two of the HUGEST fluffy purple flower heads, but they were literally as tall as me, and I was pretty shy about grabbing it after I got stabbed to get this shot!


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