Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hope you all had a fun week!  We had a really great time on a field trip to an animal santuary, we played with all of our friends at the park, and we thoroughly enjoyed being outside in the gorgeous weather!  Unfortunately, Wyatt decided to celebrate all of our fun with a round of strep throat.  He's pretty cranky...not his usual self...and unconvinced that we shouldn't go anywhere so as not to contaminate anyone else.  Fun times.  
Here are my Scavenger Hunt items for the week:

1.  Classic Still Life
When I think of this prompt, I literally picture a vase with fresh flowers, but I couldn't swing it this week, so I pulled this one out of my jewelry photo archives.  This chalcedony and brass necklace was my favorite project for a client.  It took several months to find all of the components and put it together to create an heirloom piece for her.  This was my first rendition...it was exactly my style, but not my client's, so I redid it with gold, making it a bit simpler.  She's been rumored to wear it with sweatpants...I think she likes it! 
Because I know someone will want this, here's the final product:
If you'd like to see my entire jewelry portfolio, please visit WyBeadery on facebook.

2.  Self-Portrait
I'm not shy, but I am weirdly insecure about taking pictures of myself.  But, a prompt is a prompt, so here's my self-portrait.  This is my favorite little spot in the corner of my sitting area.  I spend my quiet time here, work on bible studies here, read magazines here, visit with good friends here.  It's my spot.

3.  On the Floor
Okay, so admittedly, not my best work.  It was late at night, and I had to step over this on the way into the kitchen...weird lighting, sleepy Mom.  Wyatt collects seashells, rocks, etc, and then he amasses them into huge land mines all over the house.  My hope is that the extra high contrast exacerbates the sharp quality of his impromptu art.

4.  Lines
Consider this a sneak peak!  The hubby and I have finally started my patio garden in the back yard!!!  It's slow going because he's had to work all of his days off for the last month, but we've edged out the two patio sitting areas and have started laying the bricks!  If...I mean when...we get past this phase, we're going to go hog wild at a local nursery!

5.  Fresh
I just love it when God delights me with His wonders in creation!  These sweet babies were nested right at eye-level in a birch tree near our pond, and Momma Bird nervously let me sneak a peak!  Not only are these babies "fresh," but I'm guessing by the way they excitedly gaped their beaks open in anticipation of a meal, so is anything Momma brings them to eat!


  1. Gorgeous self portrait- & that last shot is amazing

  2. Great self portrait! and love the Fresh too.

  3. OMG - I absolutely love your last two shots but you are gorgeous. You should definitely get in front of the camera much more often. I'm serious!

  4. WOW... love the bricks... and Love the birds... Nice work.. did you make the necklace.. it looks like beach glass... turquoise.. LOVE IT>

  5. Ashley et al, I'm blushing...thank you.

    Yes, I did make the necklace, and it is chalcedony! These stones are exquisite...they look lit from within!

  6. Very nice entries. I really like your self-portrait and Lines entry is my favorite. love the colors.

  7. Awesome collection!! Your self-portrait is fantastic!!

  8. Awww - what a cute fresh shot!!! lovin your selfie too ;D


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