Theme Thursday: Something for Mom

Our final MOPS meeting for the year was Monday, and being the day after Mother's Day, the kiddos made these funny little caricature spoon puppets of their Mommies.  At our pizza party after the meeting, a few of us were laughing about these little puppets, and we decided that they'd make excellent spanking spoons.  Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Do you want Mommy to spank you?"  


  1. That is funny. I know my cousin always got the spoon when we were growing up. I never did though. My aunt used to carry a spoon in her purse. Back then- no one gave a thought to a woman paddling her kid in the parking lot or in the store. Now the video would be all over the news & she would be locked up for abuse. How times have changed.

  2. Gina, when I was a kid, I got spanked all of the time. I have no emotional scars, and I am not mentally traumatized. I think that society is doing children a disservice nowadays by not allowing parents to discipline their children without alleging abuse. It's crazy. I live in Oklahoma, and the state law allows parents to spank their kids, even in public, and with an instrument (I typically use my hand, but I have a small spatula, too). That said, I've really only had to spank Wyatt twice in the past year....because it's an effective discipline tool for him. I've known kids that could care less about being spanked, so those parents found other ways to discipline their kids. I've learned to never question another parent's reasonable discipline tactics so long as the children are safe and healthy...well behaved children are few and far between!


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