A Visit to the Pond (what's new?)

After a morning cleaning at the church, Pooh and I hit happy hour at Sonic and headed to the city park.  Neither of us were really feeling it, and the impending storms were starting to make me nervous, so we headed home.  The boy wasn't ready to sit in the house yet, so we walked across the street to the pond in our neighborhood (pretty much a daily occurence for the two of us).  I love how my camera captures colors when it's cloudy and broody outside, so the Rebel got to tag along.  Every one of these is SOOC...haven't touched them.

Typically, I don't tell him I'm taking his picture, I just snap away.  This is the face he gives when he knows he's been stalked.

I adore his pensive little profile.  Precious.

This very well could be my new favorite Wyatt shot.  He was being super clingy, right under my feet, so I teased him a little about being a momma's boy.  This is the face he gave me.  I guess he loves me?

And this is precisely why I should buy stock in Purell.  Some nice person discarded a minnow on the ground rather than in the water.  Wyatt found it.  Excellent.  It was only half as disgusting as you'd imagine...it was dried up like fish jerky.  Still.

We always have so much fun.  I love this kid.

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