Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I only managed to get a couple of photos in this week for my hunt, but here are the couple that I found...plus one archived pic.  Sorry...kind of crazy this week.

1.  Doors/Windows
These are the post office boxes in Lincoln, New Mexico.  I took this last year while on vacation.  They're about 100 years old, and they're still in use.  So cool!

2.  Eyelashes
How is it that this kid got these fabulous lashes and I have to use mascara?  Hmpf.

3.  Paint
4.  Leaf Veins
Uh, yeah...didn't get either of those.  I knew what I wanted to photograph, just didn't have time.

5. Faceless Portrait
Jason changed the oil in both trucks and my Jeep this weekend.  Wyatt "helped."  I thought this was too precious not to photograph.


Knock It Off

A long time ago, a wonderful friend took me to a bead store on our girls' day out.  I had no idea that day that I would love making jewelry so much, but here I am, over a decade later, still making it.  Only now, not only do I make jewelry, I also teach Jewelry Design at a local tech college. 
Last week, 3 friends simultaneously turned me on to Pinterest.com.  I am absolutely hooked.  It's like a virtual bulletin board for all kinds of ideas!  No more ripping pages out of magazines for this girl (points both thumbs at self). 
One of my first "pins" was on this pendant from anthropologie, a store which is the very essence of everything I think is beautiful.  I LOVE this pendant, but alas, it's $118...a price that is not affordable on my stay-at-home-mom budget.  So I just made one for myself.  I used 14K gold-plated wire and real gemstones and crystals.  Pretty close, huh?  And my retail price is much nicer.

I plan to wear this one until it falls off of my neck, but I can easily replicate it for you!  Or any other goodies you find online, for that matter.  To see my entire portfolio of handmade jewelry, head over to WyBeadery on facebook! 

Project 64: Goldenrod

Summer has arrived...with a vengeance.  It's HOT outside.  And humid.  What's one to do?  Go to the splash pad, that's what.  The boy and I have spent many hours there so far, and I imagine that nothing will keep us from continuing to do so for the remainder of the summer. 

I took this shot of the prettiest fount at the park.  It's like a pinwheel sprinkler...and it's the perfect shade of goldenrod!

project64 button


A Boy and His Bugs

My son loves bugs.  Loves them.  And he's not afraid of them at all.  He has a general idea of which bugs pose a threat to his well-being and which don't, so he doesn't even hesitate to scoop up an insect to get a closer look.  This is not my favorite of his attributes, but I keep reminding myself that he's a 4 year old boy.  As long as I don't have to hold them, we're cool.

Yesterday, he came across this beauty.  He is some kind of long-horned beetle, but beyond that, I couldn't tell you much. 
 As usual, my tiny prince put his little paw in the path of the beetle, and lo and behold, it crawled right on.  Superb.
 When it started pinching him with it's jaws, he took a more aggressive approach to handling the bug.  No worries for all of you bug-huggers...no insects were harmed in the photographing of these moments.
So you'd think that one spectacular long-horned beetle would be a rarity...a once-in-a-while thing.  Not so!  Today we found another, and this bad boy was, as Wyatt says, BIGNORMOUS!
 He truly was a gorgeous bug, if there is such a thing.  I mean, I was impressed, and I'm not too fond of bugs.
 Because it was super fast and made an eerie squeaking sound, Wyatt chose to use his wisdom today by holding the thing at the end of a stick rather than in his hand.  Praise Jesus.

Yard Projects in Million Degree Heat

For some reason, my brain hasn't caught up to the idea of hundred-degree days with 80% humidity yet.  I keep thinking, "wait, where's the nice transition from spring to summer?  It should only be 75 degrees right now!"  Since it was cloudy this morning, I thought it would be a great day to build a turtle run for our teeny baby box turtle who, by the way, is a trillion times better pet for Wyatt than the dog was....I just don't want him in my house!  After about 20 minutes, I had completely sweat through my clothes and had sweat dripping from my nose that was running off my forehead.  I was a bonafide construction worker today.

Here is who all the fuss is about...just precious.  His name is Mach.  As in speed of sound, Mach.

I would've taken step by step photos, but the aforementioned sweat problem prevented that from happening.  Before you laugh at how corny some of my decorating is, just know that this is very temporarily mocked up...I'll be planting edible shade plants for him soon.
 Another view
 His very "Fred Flinstone" house...and a frisbee pond.
 And where is he?  Hiding in a corner by the food.  Sigh.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week for my Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I focused much of my lens time on the boy...and the two pictures that aren't of him are related to him...hope no one minds!  What can I say, I'm kind of consumed with  motherhood in this season of my life!  Hope you all had a splendid week!

1.  Emotion
Wyatt, pretending to be sad.  If you want a good laugh, click here to see all of his other expressions.

2.  Flower's Point of View
I figured that this must be what it looks like to be a weed...er, flower...that is about to be plucked by Pooky.  The wind was blowing wildly...I couldn't get a shot that didn't have a flower covering some part of his face...we'll all just pretend together he was sniffing that flower by his nose.

3.  Natural Frame
Okay, is this not the most precious little thing ever?  My mom found him dodging cars on a back road and brought him to Wyatt.  I know it's a stretch, but his shell is a tiny little framed-out house for him...hence:  natural frame.  To see the turtle run that I built for him while it was way too hot to do so, click here...he is an outdoor pet!

4.  Letters
This is an oldy but goody of mine.  I love old cars, and I especially love attention to detail.  This old Caddy with the engraved mirrors was gorgeous...I took several shots from lots of angles and framed a couple of them for Wyatt's big boy room.  If you want to see what his room looks like, head over to one of my very first blog entries ever by clicking here.

5.  Bliss
This photo answers the prompt twofold.  Not only is Wyatt in total bliss while playing at the splash pad, but seeing my darling boy so happy defines bliss for me.


The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Parenthood & Momma In Focus Friday

Parenthood.  Oh, the millions of things that come along with parenthood.  For me, it means having a constant companion.  Here I am, cooking dinner, while my Wy Guy tells me all about his day (I guess he forgot that I was with him every step of the way).  Love my boy. 

The Paper Mama
One Day At A Time

Project 64: Olive Green

I am always excited when Brooke's hubby pulls a green crayon from the box!  I typically try my hardest to find my muse in nature, but sometimes want to challenge myself to find a man-made item for the greens...I mean, the whole world is green outside.  Alas, this patch of gooey, oozy algae amidst the lovely water lilies couldn't be passed up.  Along with every other shade of green, there are some healthy dollops of olive green!

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The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Green

If laughter is good medicine, I should live to be about two hundred years old.  My son is a riot!  Here he is holding a mayfly that we found while exploring the neighborhood's empty lots.  Another one of our discoveries just about gave me a heart attack:  a 3 foot long snake!  I would've taken a picture, but you'll have to excuse me for instead scooping up my baby and dashing in the other direction. 

I'm entering this photo in The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge for "green."  That kelly-green blade of grass kept our delicate little critter friend from being mauled to death by my not-so-gentle little buddy.  From the look on Wyatt's face, I don't think he minded not being able to actually touch the bug!

The Paper Mama


A Study of a Funny Little Boy's Many Faces

My precious Wyatt can make some faces.  I have never asked him to, he just does it.  He wears his sweet little heart on his sleeve, or rather, on his face.  After a long, hot walk and bike ride yesterday, we sat on the porch in the shade.  He was playing with some rolly pollies while sitting on my lap, and the expressions he was making gave me an idea:  capture some of them, for crying out loud!  I prompted him for several of these, but most of them are all him.

The first one:  he was saying, "cheese," which is so atypical of this kid.  He does not say cheese.  He will not look at the camera if I ask him to.  That is why I have so many candid shots of the boy.  Considering this goofy expression, I think I prefer it that way! 

I really have no explanation for this contorted face other than he was pretending to be a T-Rex eating my camera.

Any of you who personally know Wyatt have seen this face before:  this is the Crazy Dance Face.  It is often accompanied by a strange pumping of his fists and a slow-mo gyration of the hips.  Again, his own thing.

This was one of my prompts:  "Wyatt, show me an angry face."  Trust me, this is not his angry face.

This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.  This is his "wha?" face.  He actually makes this exact expression every time he is confused about something.  I was asking him to look concerned...I guess that word isn't in his vocabulary yet.

Oh good grief, could he get any cuter?  I am entering this one in Live Every Moment's Photo Challenge: Smiles this week. 

 I asked him to make a sad face.  He couldn't stop laughing trying to push out that bottom lip.

He took a few deep breaths and managed this for "sad."  Again, not even close to his real sad face.  

We we laughing so loud, and as he always does when he's excited, Wyatt was screaming really loud.  Jason stepped outside to scold us for making such a racket.  I never stopped taking pictures. 
This is his concerned face, even if he doesn't know what concerned means.

And the grand finale:  the "silly goober" face.

Project 64: Timberwolf

Okay, so I know this one isn't going to impress anyone, but the OCD in me won't let me skip a week.  I picked up my camera for the first time in over a week yesterday, and I told myself that if anything in the color happened to find it's way in front of my lens, I'd link up.  Well, this little rubber lizard was Wyatt's toy of choice to follow us around on our walk....he'll do.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  This week looks just as crazy as last for me...I hope I don't go another week without snapping pics...that was weird for me! 

I was super excited to log on yesterday and learn that my flamingo from last week won P64 for Salmon!  What an honor!  Cramming my hard drive full of JPEGs is starting to pay off!

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Momma In Focus Friday: Freebie

Better late than never, right?  This week has been a doozy and I haven't even picked up the camera once.  Today was the calm before the storm that is this week, so I took the boy out to our favorite spot...the neighborhood pond...to enjoy the beautiful day! 

In case you're wondering...yes, I'm wearing leggings as pants...so comfy.  I know I'm over 30...don't judge, just roll with it.

One Day At A Time

Theme Thursday: Reflection

I feel like I'm cheating a bit because I pulled an archived photo that I used several weeks ago for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but this week was so busy that I didn't even pick up my camera.  I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures for any of my challenges, but there's always next week!  In the meantime, while I was working myself into a stupor by cleaning the church and having a two-day garage sale in the million degree heat, my flamingo photo won this week's challenge over at Project 64!  Not too shabby! 

This photo was of Wyatt making faces at himself in the mirrored back of a buffet at a local antique shop.  I love my kid.  He's my favorite.


Theme Thursday: Celebration

My sweet friend's little daughter turned two last week, and we celebrated with a party at the park!  This was her pinata.