A Boy and His Bugs

My son loves bugs.  Loves them.  And he's not afraid of them at all.  He has a general idea of which bugs pose a threat to his well-being and which don't, so he doesn't even hesitate to scoop up an insect to get a closer look.  This is not my favorite of his attributes, but I keep reminding myself that he's a 4 year old boy.  As long as I don't have to hold them, we're cool.

Yesterday, he came across this beauty.  He is some kind of long-horned beetle, but beyond that, I couldn't tell you much. 
 As usual, my tiny prince put his little paw in the path of the beetle, and lo and behold, it crawled right on.  Superb.
 When it started pinching him with it's jaws, he took a more aggressive approach to handling the bug.  No worries for all of you bug-huggers...no insects were harmed in the photographing of these moments.
So you'd think that one spectacular long-horned beetle would be a rarity...a once-in-a-while thing.  Not so!  Today we found another, and this bad boy was, as Wyatt says, BIGNORMOUS!
 He truly was a gorgeous bug, if there is such a thing.  I mean, I was impressed, and I'm not too fond of bugs.
 Because it was super fast and made an eerie squeaking sound, Wyatt chose to use his wisdom today by holding the thing at the end of a stick rather than in his hand.  Praise Jesus.

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  1. Wyatt's bugs are way more fascinating than mine!
    I saw a huge three segmented beetle yesterday and didn't even go for my camera. :)
    I've never seen either of these. You have 'pretty' bugs where you live.


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