Knock It Off

A long time ago, a wonderful friend took me to a bead store on our girls' day out.  I had no idea that day that I would love making jewelry so much, but here I am, over a decade later, still making it.  Only now, not only do I make jewelry, I also teach Jewelry Design at a local tech college. 
Last week, 3 friends simultaneously turned me on to Pinterest.com.  I am absolutely hooked.  It's like a virtual bulletin board for all kinds of ideas!  No more ripping pages out of magazines for this girl (points both thumbs at self). 
One of my first "pins" was on this pendant from anthropologie, a store which is the very essence of everything I think is beautiful.  I LOVE this pendant, but alas, it's $118...a price that is not affordable on my stay-at-home-mom budget.  So I just made one for myself.  I used 14K gold-plated wire and real gemstones and crystals.  Pretty close, huh?  And my retail price is much nicer.

I plan to wear this one until it falls off of my neck, but I can easily replicate it for you!  Or any other goodies you find online, for that matter.  To see my entire portfolio of handmade jewelry, head over to WyBeadery on facebook! 

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