The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Parenthood & Momma In Focus Friday

Parenthood.  Oh, the millions of things that come along with parenthood.  For me, it means having a constant companion.  Here I am, cooking dinner, while my Wy Guy tells me all about his day (I guess he forgot that I was with him every step of the way).  Love my boy. 

The Paper Mama
One Day At A Time


  1. awww I love this picture Cindy!

  2. oh my goodness I LOVE THIS SHOT!!! I love that it is an in the moment shot capturing conversation and you being momma and wifey of the home. And so true that even though we spend every second of the day with them they still want to tell us all about it...mine through shrieking still but, in words soon. hehehe. YOUR HOUSE is CUTE!! How are you doing friend??


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