Project 64: Olive Green

I am always excited when Brooke's hubby pulls a green crayon from the box!  I typically try my hardest to find my muse in nature, but sometimes want to challenge myself to find a man-made item for the greens...I mean, the whole world is green outside.  Alas, this patch of gooey, oozy algae amidst the lovely water lilies couldn't be passed up.  Along with every other shade of green, there are some healthy dollops of olive green!

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  1. Love the greens, even in the depth of the water!

  2. what a gorgeous capture!! you always manage to find something really cool and different for each color!!

  3. This is really beautiful! Everything about it is awesome...especially the girl behind the camera.

  4. I am lovin this! Thanks for linking up!


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