Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I only managed to get a couple of photos in this week for my hunt, but here are the couple that I found...plus one archived pic.  Sorry...kind of crazy this week.

1.  Doors/Windows
These are the post office boxes in Lincoln, New Mexico.  I took this last year while on vacation.  They're about 100 years old, and they're still in use.  So cool!

2.  Eyelashes
How is it that this kid got these fabulous lashes and I have to use mascara?  Hmpf.

3.  Paint
4.  Leaf Veins
Uh, yeah...didn't get either of those.  I knew what I wanted to photograph, just didn't have time.

5. Faceless Portrait
Jason changed the oil in both trucks and my Jeep this weekend.  Wyatt "helped."  I thought this was too precious not to photograph.


  1. These are great! I love the detail of the eyelashes and I REALLY love your capture of little guy helping big guy... too cute!

  2. Great eyelashes and faceless portrait shots!

  3. love your last shot- it is so sweet and priceless

  4. Love your first shot... great interpretation! And the last shot is so, so sweet!! =D

  5. love the post office shot! soooo unfair for males to have such tantalizing lashes! they don't appreciate them... humph from me too!

  6. Very creative interpretations - I love your first shot. Great job!

  7. I love your eyelashes photo! It's a great shot! :)


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