A Study of a Funny Little Boy's Many Faces

My precious Wyatt can make some faces.  I have never asked him to, he just does it.  He wears his sweet little heart on his sleeve, or rather, on his face.  After a long, hot walk and bike ride yesterday, we sat on the porch in the shade.  He was playing with some rolly pollies while sitting on my lap, and the expressions he was making gave me an idea:  capture some of them, for crying out loud!  I prompted him for several of these, but most of them are all him.

The first one:  he was saying, "cheese," which is so atypical of this kid.  He does not say cheese.  He will not look at the camera if I ask him to.  That is why I have so many candid shots of the boy.  Considering this goofy expression, I think I prefer it that way! 

I really have no explanation for this contorted face other than he was pretending to be a T-Rex eating my camera.

Any of you who personally know Wyatt have seen this face before:  this is the Crazy Dance Face.  It is often accompanied by a strange pumping of his fists and a slow-mo gyration of the hips.  Again, his own thing.

This was one of my prompts:  "Wyatt, show me an angry face."  Trust me, this is not his angry face.

This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.  This is his "wha?" face.  He actually makes this exact expression every time he is confused about something.  I was asking him to look concerned...I guess that word isn't in his vocabulary yet.

Oh good grief, could he get any cuter?  I am entering this one in Live Every Moment's Photo Challenge: Smiles this week. 

 I asked him to make a sad face.  He couldn't stop laughing trying to push out that bottom lip.

He took a few deep breaths and managed this for "sad."  Again, not even close to his real sad face.  

We we laughing so loud, and as he always does when he's excited, Wyatt was screaming really loud.  Jason stepped outside to scold us for making such a racket.  I never stopped taking pictures. 
This is his concerned face, even if he doesn't know what concerned means.

And the grand finale:  the "silly goober" face.


  1. Oh those are so cute! I love all of them...great shots Cindy!

  2. His faces kept getting better and better. Love these. BTW, your comment about Peter - I did know that but had a hard time showing that in the English translations. Peter actually started getting offended that Jesus kept asking until Jesus finally asked if Peter had a strong affection for him (Peter's response the previous 2 times). Like you said, only then did he get the correct response. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. OK, this was just precious! Love all the many faces!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Love this! I have similar faces from my son. So much fun!

  5. LOL, these are fabulous, love the "story"!!!


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