Theme Thursday: Reflection

I feel like I'm cheating a bit because I pulled an archived photo that I used several weeks ago for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but this week was so busy that I didn't even pick up my camera.  I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures for any of my challenges, but there's always next week!  In the meantime, while I was working myself into a stupor by cleaning the church and having a two-day garage sale in the million degree heat, my flamingo photo won this week's challenge over at Project 64!  Not too shabby! 

This photo was of Wyatt making faces at himself in the mirrored back of a buffet at a local antique shop.  I love my kid.  He's my favorite.


  1. he was having fun! hard for a kid to do in an antique store, eh? your flamingo photo is so lovely!

  2. Don't feel bad! I cheated a little too! I used my picture from a few weeks ago! It was too cute not to! Great picture!

  3. I love his expression, such a cutie!


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